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Wasn’t this already discussed right in this topic, a bit above?

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iA can the little texts that appear at at the bottom of waves’ name be hidden when using Virtuoso or SSH like the zones? It’ll be harder at waves like image there are 2 types of this wave, a type where they only come from the top which doesn’t have “Watch you back!” and another one which they come from all directions. So if “Watch you back!” is hidden you’ll be prepared more. Also for pro players it’ll hide some tips like “Watch out for swooping chickens!”.

Also why Special Forces always come from the middle at Double Team? Why doesn’t he appear from left of right like the other bosses? It makes sense if it’s a Space Crab since it stays at the middle. Is it because of his movement pattern?

Also why aren’t any UFOs or mini-bosses included at “Lethal Connections” wave?

I noticed that when a wave finishes immediately the wave count updates like from 33/40 to 44/40 but the wave insight updates at the beginning of the next wave, so can you make them update at the same time to avoid confusion?

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Pecking order bonus in “Bend/Kick it like Beckhem” is broken. As long as chickens haven’t yet kicked a ball you have to kill chickens only (destroying balls destroy bonus) but when chickens will shoot, then you have to destroy balls first to keep the bonus

Sorry for bad English

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IA why the medal goes to @Francis? It is me who suggested it.

I wouldn’t be so sure

Why must the nice be depleted next version sobs

Too much work for too little benefit.

Changed in v.70 :medal_sports: Idea

Fixed in v.70 :medal_sports: Bug. Still, note that minibosses are quite rare… I only saw one in about 20 runs.

I actually tried delaying the insight, but it turned out that it’s even more confusing if it updates before you see the new wave title. The other solution would be to delay the x/y wave counter, which is not technically possible.

Fixed in v.70 :medal_sports: Bug

Provide a link to your post and, if it’s before Francis’ post, you’ll get the medal.

The game needs more incentive to buy the CHL, even if it’s just for cosmetic reasons.


Quick idea, too lazy to create a topic: how about Recruit titles? (something that’s like “Ordinary Chicken Hunter” or act like the second callsign) only exclusive for CHL’ers

Sorry, this idea just popped into my mind and I just want to suggest it instantly

Meh, at least they’ll appear and add some action.

If you noticed the bug from Ahemd557’s post then he kinda deserve a medal.

It was this one:

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That’s not the case, though.

That’s unrelated. The bug that was fixed that the wrong reason was displayed on small dare buttons, in cases where both big “dare” and “friendly match” buttons were disabled.


Ok, I’ll swap them around. Changed in v.70 :medal_sports: Idea


Oh, sorry I misunderstood.

Also how about Mysterious Ship keep its laser warning at Double Team like MNaeemi777 said? It’ll help a little to dodge it.

And how’s “Attack of Gaint Crab” is easier than “Giant Robotic Space Crab”? It’s has 4 laser arms while the other one has 4 normal arms.

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That makes sense. I will try to be more careful between the differences next time.

Because The Laser Crab has invariable patterns and you can dodge its attack easily, while the other Crab throws chicks & chickens to you (not easy for everyone) and in the future version, its speed will be changed, depends on the difficulty.

In short, Laser Crab doesn’t track you, unlike the other Crab.

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So does that mean v1 crab will get a health buff and the laser crab will lose some?

I won’t make any changes that make Ironman easier, for obvious reasons.



Okay. Also if you’re daring someone and you want to change weapon, spacecraft, etc… after entering the League again it may be hard for you to find that recruit, so I suggest make the game take you at the last recruit you that you wanted to dare like if you left League to change weapon, spacecraft, etc… and this was your last visit screen:

When you enter again the game will take you to the last screen you were at before you leave(the one above) and recruit Delicious Chicken’s name will be highlighted for better confirmation.

However if you click that button before leaving image then the game won’t take you and leave you in you default place.

Could “Reward” word be removed from daily progress messages since there’re no rewards:

iA maybe someone needs this request

Probably too hard to do, but how about a replay option to league matches? That way you can 1. See how the person you went up against played so if you lost, perhaps you can watch how they did better and improve and 2. easily catch cheaters (I honestly don’t know if people cheat in this game, but still, it’s a good way of knowing) also with that you should add a report button if you do find a cheater. I’m assuming there isn’t one since I’ve looked for a few minutes now and couldn’t find it (not that I wanted to report anyone, just looked to confirm it doesn’t exist) and if it does exist, please do put it in a place where it’s easy to access it (again, not that I want to report anyone)