Early Access version 68.2

Spaceship cat go outside screen

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iA could you add a +50% health buff to Crab King? Don’t apply it at Double Team tho.

No medal needed, just add it with Planetary Egg City tweak.

Also could these messages when checking conact list:

  • image

Cowards still make wastes when full-charged Absolver hit them but only at edges.

Also when using a Plasma with Bomber to get image are the chances the same with Bomber or better with H&C or Müller?

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because it is king

Out of all Crabs he got the most attacks. I defeat him so fast that he don’t get the chance to show all of his attacks(laser attacks). Besides I like hanging out with him for longer like Egg City.

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Okay, 14 is excessive… Phase-outs are good, but not as godly as a screen nuke, so I’d say just put it slightly below missiles and mines, like 9 or 10.

Added to v.69 :medal_sports:

I must admit – this change had a very significant payoff for very little work. In fact, it’s the default now.

There’s too many waves with “chick” or “chicken” in the title. I realize that it’s not just chick(ens) now, but it’s too much hassle to change.

The dangers of mass search-replace. Fixed in v.69

You can just cancel out of the screen and re-enter it. Unless you mean an “undo” on the “unmount all”, in which case no.

No, I can’t. The randomizer is isolated from the code that decides whether to spawn coins.

12x6x6 = max 432 enemies, which is way too much. I’ll increase it to 9. Changed in v.69 :medal_sports: Idea)

I’ll do the same for 'Geometry"

Changed in v.69 :medal_sports: Idea

If the Shockwave Capacitor is so underused, I don’t see how restricting it even further will help. I’ve made it cheaper, however. Changed in v.69 :medal_sports: Idea

Why would you want it to go outside screen? :roll_eyes:

Egg city’s health was increased because it’s a big target. The Crab, not so much. But I will increase it slightly and spread it out a bit more in difficulty.

There’ no verb in that sentence :wink:

But I’ll increase the range. Changed in v.69 :medal_sports: Idea

Well, it’s the only defensive special weapon that activates instantly. It doesn’t do any damage, but it keeps you alive nonetheless, and that’s more important sometimes. I’ll reduce the cost to 12.


Since it’s on the subject of bosses: What about giving the Mother Hen Ship more bullets depending on difficulty, since 3 really does not cut it for 100% SSH. Up to 9 or 11 spread bullets at a time, perhaps?

Oh, and give the mother hen ship yolk a 25% health boost. Thing dies real quick.

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Let’s start it with 2 extra ones and we’ll see how it goes. Changed in v.69 :medal_sports: Idea


iA, I know you said to not ask you to remove pecking order from waves, but the one in Squawk Block waves is 99% impossible to get, so I’d have it removed. (unless you can fix it)

Fixed in v.69 :medal_sports: Bug


Didn’t Donny suggest increasing bullets to the Mother-hen Ship?

Oh sorry for my mistake, I wanted to report a bug that my spaceship went outside the screen but I accidently typed “cat”. :sweat_smile:

image-cat- 2020-12-24T193212.877


Basically me having a stroke

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But Arnav’s Then

@Arnav some ideas wave named called henpire loop or elite loop

Your ship went outside the screen because you were shooting :expressionless:


Can you add a harder version called “Shoot Both Core” mean you have to shoot 2 apple core instead of 1 in order to make it harder.

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By the way, give a medal to @Donny as well. He wanted me to help him suggest it.

His ingame callsign is “DK without CG”.


Can someone tell me why there is no daily reward anymore?