CIU version 138 BETA

Six-lane merge at 3 phases from ci5 then ciu from Four-lane merge at 2 phases i think.

iA the egg cannon almost got thankgiving themes not completing.

egg cannon doesn’t have any thanksgiving skin

yeah, because your suggestion are whack (and your grammar too)

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It didn’t have any means about phases. It was all about rows of enemies. Read.

Need to taken care of your grammars. Also, that isn’t valid name. Leave as it is

Fixed in v.138.7 :medal_sports: Idea


yeah um… I’ve suggested this one before.

  1. I may have notice this since last year, but the hyperspace mix with green layer make it somewhat ugly.

  2. Kinda odd to see tentacles instantly disappeared after reached wave 37.

No CIU map

because from removed kAPET’s idea
you are first suggested idea. iA not suggested from him, no response.

i prefer sharing

Fixed in v.138.7 :medal_sports: Bug


Fixed in v.138.7 :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed in v.138.7


i did it and it didnt work
the problem at my account not at game
just try to make me leave cluck of darkside mission everything will fix

Have you downloaded the latest beta archive?
If yes, try deleting any old files from your problematic beta ciu, then unzip the latest one and try again.

i did it 4 times and nothing happened
look this is my guest account works well

the problem is account problem not data problem
my original account dont work


v.138.7 is now available.

There were too many significant fixes and I decided to also release this as BETA while waiting for Android/iOS stores to approve the final release.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:


Your error report was misleading, because the screenshot you posted (here: CIU version 138 BETA - #588 by Flame_Spacecraft) is completely unrelated to your current problem.

Anyway, download v.138.7 and try again. It should work now.


is this the final beta for this version?

Should be.
There are mobile versions waiting for approval

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(also the Thanksgiving and Easter files of ci5 are just 16 bytes?)

Giant Robotic Space Crab v2.0 revert back from forcefield 0 delay while sun throws.
  • Yes. Buff the Boss
  • No. for Nothing regular forcefield 0.5 delay
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Did the word “Double Team” being changed to “Episode 5”? After a quick check inside translation and press “Related” button, it shown me “Episode 5” and “Unlock Double Team missions”