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No need

Why no need? What’s the difference that makes it unnecessary?

Tips that are only applicable to keyboard/joystick/mouse/touch are problematic (not to mention tips that need to dynamically insert a key name). I could modify the initial tutorial mission to mention this, however it seems like too much of an advanced control to be mentioned that early.

Come to think of it, I’ve changed the “fix”. I’ve restored the keyboard speed to its original slower value, and just make sure that it doesn’t speed up in massive environments. Sure, this way keyboard would be slower than mouse, but keyboard is always slower than mouse anyway, so not much is lost.

Not easily.

I don’t follow. Where will this glow appear?

Happy Birthday. No.

No, it’s not.


I think he means in the corners, as it happens in Key Rushes, where there’s a golden glow

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Thanks, iA and it’s okay, I got tons other gifts here anyway :wink:

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Kinda cringe bro.


Could you look into these suggestions for double team, IA?

Apparently if CIU had a new boss theme, this could be an option for double team and the new bosses. But IA probably dont want to bother hiring 2db for that, which costs money.

You don’t say, would’ve been worse if I celebrate it.

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iA, how about graze/stand near projectiles in Double Team (Ironman is exception) gives points? (it makes sound tô)

  • yes
  • no
  • neutral

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if you want, how much will it be?
  • 1 pts/sec
  • 10 pts/sec
  • 20 pts/sec
  • 50 pts/sec
  • 100 pts/sec
  • 200 pts/sec
  • 500 pts/sec
  • 1000 pts/sec
  • 2000 pts/sec
  • 5000 pts/sec
  • big chicken pts/sec
  • your amount (reply)

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1500 or 2500, just bc idk

Well here’s a new round of ideas:

  1. A bonus called “Double K.O” for when you defeat 2 bosses at the same time. Not very useful but perhaps challenging for those who want a higher score.

  2. Let the Egg Cannon or Egg Cannon x4 launch an “Infinity-Chick”. This is seen in a publicity photo, perhaps it can be an attack that can replace the egg that it launches in its third phase. The thrown chicken would go from side to side and cannot be stopped or killed it can only be dodged full down or up on the screen.

  3. That the Yolk Star has more than one yolk. Very rarely an egg can have 2 yolks, perhaps this idea serves to complicate the last face a bit by having 2 yolks or perhaps the “Yolk Yolk Yolk Yolkered Star” may exist (The latter is very unlikely).

  4. That some of the products that the droids transport be replaced by the iron chef’s projectiles, since as they are food they can transport them, in addition to that you must fixate and avoid that food.

  5. That the Orbit Droid have an extra utility, that in it coordinates can be entered so that the trip there and park. Perhaps this would raise the value of the droid but it can be useful if they pass you coordinates and wish to travel there.

  6. That the textures that can be put on the ship have an option called “deterioration”, this would make the paint have more or less wear (that has holes or cracks in the paint). That it has more deterioration would show that it is a veteran ship in the fight against the Henpire.

  7. This is very personal, but I would like to see some option of “extras” either as a DLC with the soundtrack of the saga. These extras would have notes from the developer, how he made a model of the game or how he programmed some gameplay. Since CIU is the biggest game in the series I think it would look good (But as I said it is very personal and it may not be good).

  8. That when comparing the spacecrafts between a friend next to them is a button with an “i” where if you click on it, you will see the parts used in that ship (weapon, engine, satellite, etc).

  9. That this is a kind of player when you see the songs in the store, so you can see how long the music track lasts and choose which second or minute you want to listen (I consider this idea difficult and unnecessary but it would be a good detail).

  10. A ship that is a modified “Müller” model. It would be a smuggling ship that is an intermediate model between the Boomber and the Müller. At most it would have capacity for 4 satellites (2 on the sides and 2 behind) and its “peculiarity” would be the “Main weapon switch”. This allows you to carry 2 main weapons at the same time and with a button (the button in android can be close to the fire button) it allows you to rotate. The 2 weapons carry their own power level, that is, you can have a Utencil Poker at level 20 and your other weapon can be a Neutron Gun with level 5, when you die you lose 5 levels in the 2. Also if you carry only 1 weapon you are not slow in your movement but if you carry the 2 the weight will affect mobility.

I have a question regarding the name of the missions. For example, if I choose that the game is in Spanish, the name of the missions will continue in English, right?


yes .

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…would you please stop overreacting?

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Tl:dr DO NOT ask a developer for balancing just bc it’s your birthday, get actual gifts, my presents are New models, new waves, bosses, etc, and more variety for the game

O…kay? I am overreacting bc it is something other than balance changes/more confusion to people like me