Early Access version 124

Idk if I need to post this, but I’ll assume I have to.

This will soon be a thing of the past.

There is already rudimentary checking for duplicate player names. But I won’t go any further than that. Besides, if you’ve already changed your name, then how do you expect checking for duplicates to work?

It seems like I’ll have to release v.125 ahead of schedule after all, possibly on Friday.


what mean of this

Can you upload the version 125 hurry this is guy very bad and he want to kill us

Ignore him. He doesn’t even have the power to “kill” us. He’s just whining at empty air.

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And that’s called “once and for all” :blush:


Ok, you accept tier 120. Twice 99 is 198
Now accept our contact request.



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Man he was every day talk me about this he don’t boring

maybe he and ahmet are friends🙂

How about,,, tomorrow

Don’t rush IA. Let him revise and complete his work. They are just sending requests you can easily delete. It’s not like they are ruining your multi game.

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Is it normal for v122 to ask to update to v123 instead of v124? Never noticed that before.

So,… just wait!

It’s for Thanksgiving edition.

i’ve heard of him but i have never encountered him, wonderin how the heck he knows about my existence

By joining forum using VPN and as a guest (no account), maybe?

possibly, but i have nothing against him

It means you will not be able to do it any more.

The balancer is more lenient when it comes to accepting connections. Until recently it was at v.46 IIRC. It recently had to be bumped up to v.123 due to Android.


Fixed in v.125 :medal_sports: Bug