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Aaaaand finally done!! YES!!! After over 7 attempts (most of them got ruined by accidental wrong weapon pickups because of drops, and one of those attempts had me failing on 50/50 yesterday at night and losing all of my lives ;-;), It’s finally done! At this attempt though, I lost only 5 lives and I made a full-plasma run because you know, cowards and their bs. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ And just like what the others said, It’s harder than expected! Here are my results:

  1. But, as usual, only disconnections after damaging an enemy count towards this total.

That fireball throw was so fast.

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Hey iA, can you take a look at these polls:

  1. Most people wants Ironman after 7 days only.

  2. Most people wants Cowards to be removed.

  3. Is the screen gonna zoom-out more at some bosses like Sweater Chichen? Because it’s almost impossible(I assumed you checked the 2 polls above).


well ironman after what?!

Most people wants it after 7 days, also check this bug:


okay bro

Alright everyone I tried a 2nd time. This time I actually overheated A LOT in order to get higher score and less dying I didn’t die at wheel of fortune thankfully this time. Anyway here’s my final results that I’m actually proud of this time: and that intermediate medal of course :wink:

I died 3 time only and those were at the first 3 bosses. Boss 1 & 3 are just impossible to survive without at least dying once, but at boss 2 I fell into the laser trick were the UCOs are not near each others and attack eventhough I didn’t die at my 1st time.

Idk I might try again because of that 2nd boss.

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I’ve beaten Boss 1 without dying, on my second attempt (And I haven’t even beaten the challenge itself yet!)

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Lucky for you. Did you focus on a specific boss or just shoted randomly at both of them I did the second one? I always die at the of the battle at these 2 bosses.

I focused on the Cold in Space boss quite deliberately. Party Time shoots projectiles at a constant rate, at a constant speed, whereas Cold in Space does periodic bursts at unpredictable speed (and distribution) so it’s by far the bigger threat. Once it is gone the other one is easy.

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True. Also at boss 3 there’s gonna be Space Crab V2.0 and 1 Infinity Chick coming from the left and its projectiles are very fast too, so I’d like to know which one you’ll destroy first?

Also the Big Chicken at the 2 last bosses needs some health buff, it can be destroyed easily. There should be 2 instead of only one.

I’ll need to see for sure once I actually get there, but at this stage I’m absolutely planning to focus on Space Crab. Target Projectiles + AoE is way more critical to eliminate than random projectile bursts, and it drops powerups too.

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I really hope complete the whole mission. Now that I think about it could there be lightning in hot places I’m not talking about CIU?

Especially the space crab 2.0 throws suns at you just like in 10.1

Those are okay for me, but with infinity chick’s fast green projectiles I die at some point.

I saw that one aswell and the infini chick use that projectile from C. Multiplicity except it’s way harder than you think lol

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I complete it. Yessss. (Also I clip it too)


@Kylo-Hen sorry for ping but how much jets you used in Ironman?

Ok, based on your comments I’ve made some changes.

The Cowards change is geared towards making them behave consistently against all weapons (this idea was mentioned recently, but I couldn’t find it for some reason – step forward for your medal) ok, found you @OneWingLunarian .

The Ironman change is geared towards making it slightly easier as a whole. But let’s also wait for the first competition’s results (since the mission is meant to be borderline achievable anyway). The change to a 7-day cycle means that we won’t see those until Thursday.