CIU version 140 BETA

If you get disconnected around prologue (not sure which part, probably around the cutscene or before the weapon switch smmarald mentioned above.) you can carry the level 10 lightning fryer to the very first chapter

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Bruh seems Ci3U will cause iA few headaches because of prologue.

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Fixed in v.140.3 :medal_sports: Bug There might be some aliasing artifacts due to scaling without mipmaps, but meh

I’ve already said that I’m not going to invest time in making what is strictly a debug feature better.

No. Waves in CI3 are numbered from 0 to 120 (as opposed to the normal 1-120)


Fixed in v.140.3 :medal_sports: Bug

Allowed. Hmm, I’ll fix that in v.140.3 :medal_sports: Idea

Fixed in v.140.3 :medal_sports: Bug Also now CI3 uses just one messenger instead of three

This has already been fixed , but I don’t see it listed. Anyway, fixed in v.140.3 :medal_sports: Bug

That’s because Prologue is an exception. It’s a chapter that’s only 1 wave long, and that wave doesn’t even count when numbering. All exceptions are trouble.



Can you elaborate?

So… What’s the different between 2 these changes?

Read iifireii’s report.

so… there are somethings interesting i’ve found by chances

  1. in CIxU, if you disconnect while in any boss/villain wave, and you reconnect, the boss/villain music plays when the title “Chapter X” appears, instead of that chapter’s music.
  2. the text (look at “of 120”):
    CI3U and CI5U:
    image image

a small idea: the title of wave 50 in CI3U, I think should be:

  •          Wave 50 of 120
               What this?
     A mysterious ship approaches...

edit: wow, the game has so many changes so far

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“Comet Chase” doesn’t count per text waves 41 to 50.

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Ah, they’re the same one. That’s the one I couldn’t find.

Intended. The chapter music would only be heard for a few seconds otherwise.

Fixed in v.140.3 :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed in v.140.3 :medal_sports: Bug

CI3 only supports a single text line per messenger. So, in order to have a maximum of 3 lines of text during cutscenes, 3 messengers are needed. In CIU, a single messenger can handle a whole paragraph, so this is unnecessary.

Having said this, 3 messengers allowed for some effects that are no longer possible (e.g., overlapping “The future of chicken burgers is safe once again!” and “Oh - Earth, too!” in the final cutscene).



BETA v.140.3 is now available.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:


I already see where those fonts are going. Perhaps I should learn more about vector graphics and font editing asap. I take my words back. FontForge tells me that it’s a licensed font so “I should not edit it without permission of the owner” (something about FSType 2).

The CI2 font seems to have incorrectly mapped some extended Latin characters. Whenever CI2 comes out it’d be nice to hear from Vietnamese players whether this is the case (or I’ll make a small mod to replace some other fonts with it for now).

Judging by what I see in the font properties you are the owner and the fonts are 0-1 days old.
Can I have the permission to extend them, please?


Yeah, it seems like these fonts don’t support polish characters.
Either an alternate font has to be used like in episodic games or they have to be edited.


Can confirm. I tried out this acute test sentence I have first seen on Windows 98, and this is what it looks like:

Oh, and here, lowercase á and é almost look the same as their uppercase counterparts.


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guys i you already reported seen last week before… iA seems already reported fixed of reply from Sihok-Adssres

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In the “Do not Cross” wave of CI4U, the metal sphere barrier has a chance to get the “key glow” despite being impossible to destroy.

It is possible to destroy, just very time consuming.

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Since it’s a destructable thing, that’s ok. The metal ball can have the key glow effect.

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Something went wrong with the export… will fix in v.140.4. :medal_sports: Bug

You can extend the fonts, but there are two issues here: legal and technical.

Legally, I have licensed the non-free fonts used in CI episodes. It’s been a while and I’ll need to check, of course, but I doubt those licenses cover actually modifying the font. Technically, UVE supports overlaying multiple TTFs in the same in-game font, so even if modifications are not allowed, it’s possible to create a separate TTF that only has the extended/replacement glyphs present and leave the original untouched. This is in fact the way you should send me your own language’s alphabet, if you wish for it to be included with the actual game (as opposed to in a mod).

Ah, cluck. I forgot the episode fonts only have Western European character support. Ooh, this is going to be a tough one to solve.

Medal shared. Next time, please describe what is wrong more concretely. “Broken and creepy” doesn’t really help me understand the problem.


Should I do the same to Teko, whenever I get to work on it more?