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Especially the space crab 2.0 throws suns at you just like in 10.1

Those are okay for me, but with infinity chick’s fast green projectiles I die at some point.

I saw that one aswell and the infini chick use that projectile from C. Multiplicity except it’s way harder than you think lol

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I complete it. Yessss. (Also I clip it too)


@Kylo-Hen sorry for ping but how much jets you used in Ironman?

Ok, based on your comments I’ve made some changes.

The Cowards change is geared towards making them behave consistently against all weapons (this idea was mentioned recently, but I couldn’t find it for some reason – step forward for your medal) ok, found you @OneWingLunarian .

The Ironman change is geared towards making it slightly easier as a whole. But let’s also wait for the first competition’s results (since the mission is meant to be borderline achievable anyway). The change to a 7-day cycle means that we won’t see those until Thursday.


Can you make 2 Big Chickens instead of 1 appear at Double Team? Also buff their health a bit because they can be defeated easily.


Speaking of cowards, could they also have a design revamp? you know, something to make them look different. They look a bit fan-made ish right now

Ironman, more like Nostalga Trip for Hardcore Players
Also the medal is straight up T-800

In these days, heroes like you,

should suffer like our Earth brethren


@InterAction_studios I think someone has suggested something similar before, but this one’s just about the Ironman Medal:

Perhaps just use a Frying Pan/Ironchick* instead of an “Ironman” for the medal look. Might help prevent a possible copyright strike, because you know… Copyright these days are quite finicky.

This won’t be necessary for now, but if the need arises, the suggestion’s here.

(Same colours as the current Ironman Medal, but it’s a Chicken instead)


A golden frying pan…with a fried egg inside it

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Man i hate this events
im died many times

But it’s fun tho.
Also why you bump this topic? It’s almost close.

my attemp’s but first mission failed

The topic wasn’t locked

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oh my gosh this is a the harderest level in the game and thanks for free license to chicken invaders universe. :blush:


First: welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Second: the license is free only during Early Access for testing purposes, so when Early Access’s over it’ll be 5$.


huh another bump
why attempt from first forum

He’s new, it’s not really a big deal. It’s not as bad as you did.