Early Access version 38

So … throwing away this “punishment” is the most reasonable right?


I mean for now knowing that CIU depends a lot on the internet, that can cause a lot of problems for players with a bad connection or if the service goes down for a second for X reason. I’m just saying that it is fair that this system if the user closes the game and not for something foreign to it, hopefully a system can be made to recognize that difference.


But I see its name remains the same.


I lost a space race, while losing I paused and I see: “Other side closed connection” And when I reconnect, my keys HASN’T CHANGED! solve this pls. Also I lost all extra lives but THERE ARE STILL THOSE

“(requires galaxy regeneration)” means that the next time the galaxy will be regenerated, the name will be changed.



Already changed in v.39

A galaxy regeneration doesn’t happen often. It’s only happened once since Early Access started. The next regeneration might even be after Early Access.


I once flew the Daily Challenge mission, which was also disconnected.I was on wave 16 then, but after reconnecting, I had to play wave 14 again. The power of the weapon also decreased to the level I got when I started wave 14

What about people with bad network connections? They are easy to lose connection

I find that it’s weird when my fire power go from 20 to 16 even when I didn’t die in Space Race. And being disconnected resets the WHOLE MISSION

No, it doesn’t (in the general case). It would only reset the whole mission if the server didn’t receive any progress saves (which are sent at the end of each wave). Remember that if your connection dies, you can still play for 60 seconds before you’re disconnected. Any progress you make during that time will be lost.

This is an example of exactly what I’m describing above.

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Oh, but can you prevent players to click on medals that are almost off-screen



??? :open_mouth:What?Yes,it’s quite weird

Hmm, it still happens


Which mission is that?

Euphoric Database, on the planet Chi Cyclopes in Canethus


It’s intended, 1% chance to get the same boss of the same type.

It’s a confirmed bug

Guys, wait. I’m investigating.

@Sammarald: Skill SSH?

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It only happens with SSH, yes


i only saw waves repeating in weekly, sorry for being bad.