Early Access version 62

Strongly disagree. If you see few people in the list and only some of them have license,

:tada: which
will be
super annoying


I actually have the opposite.

Absolver at full charge can destroy Cowards without making them drop anything. I hope it’s intended.

Also is Mysterious Ship included in Double team? If not can you include it but make it shoot 4 lasers only.

At “Fenced In” wave: could the rotating speed increase the more the kill enemies?

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No, because it would ruin alignment.

It’s possible, but I thought 3 days isn’t long enough to make it useful. Anyone feel strongly otherwise?

Absolver doesn’t actually stop them from retaliating as such. However, a fully-charged Absolver also stops enemy projectiles, which is probably what you’re referring to. But if it’s not fully charged… :grimacing:

Yes. And you better hope you don’t run into it. It’s… not easy.

No, can’t do this technically.


some bugs

    licensed but no CHL logo

    someone without any callsign is licensed

    but no CHL logo in here
    some players are not licensed but if they are in your contacts they are licensed
    for example this player is not licensed but in below picture you can see it is licensed

    or EGG CANNON KILLER (@AmirMohammad.as) is not licensed
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can we have an ALL TIME THE BEST for squadrons?

Should daily “progress so far” messages be sent for Space Race:
  • Yes.
  • No.
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Good, that’s what I thought too.

I’m always up for a challenge :wink: Also what are the bosses that doesn’t appear at Double Team except final bosses of course?

I suggested that because after killing the 1st enemy you have to wait some time. Could the rotation speed increase a little bit for all?

This was reported by me and iA fixed it:

Please look at this beautiful topic first before reporting bugs.

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Last time I asked what can be done with bad sector and fractal waves to make chickens appear faster, the answer was “You’re just killing them too fast” and they are right, except for the part where SSH gives me regular chickens

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So it will come every Wednesday?

I asked that because the Ironman message got expired.

Seems to be working fine today. (And a really nice QoL feature, I now know what scores I have to beat! :joy:)

EDIT: The scoreboards for every mission are also fantastic. Loving this change.

EDIT2: I can’t fly Ironman! Is this an expected situation with the restructuring?


Ironman competition ends after day 6?

  • :bug: Fixed Ironman message expiring after 7 days instead of 11.

First message was created before update while bug was presented.


Technically, the new ironman challenge should start after 4 days

There’s a problem: Ironman challenge has been hidden from my messages, while I still have CHL and no one rewarded yet.

We know. This has been reported not long before.

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That’s normal

Fixed in v.63 :medal_sports: Bug

Known and fixed.

Generally speaking, the non-invasion bosses: Bossa Nova, Henley’s Comet, Magnetic Manipulator, maybe others. Also, zoomed-out bosses: Shoot the Core, Planetary Egg City, etc. Henperor couldn’t be added due to the whole changing-direction gimmick.

Every Thursday

Yes, due to the transition from 11- to 7-day cycle, the next Ironman is on Thursday. You will still receive medals for the current one (even though you can’t play it today).


But don’t forget this time to give the medal to master amir (my callsign)

But what about this IA?

Generally speaking, I don’t want to have to many “all time best” rankings, because that will scare off new players. If you’ve only just joined, than it’s impossible to compete with a player who has been playing for 2+ years.


And what about This?
Maybe adding a space craft to the logo or add a spacecraft text is better