Players in Zombie state can still retain their colors

As shown in the image below, you can see my ship still retains its color when I run out of extra life

And here is my friend’s point of view

How to: Choose any level, then open multiplayer mode, then try to pass the first wave without losing extra life,then go to wave 2, kill yourself to turn your ship into a zombie, “disconnect the game” and re-enter, and you will see it
Fact: I just made this error on my android phone, because I don’t have a computer :v

My name: VN-Mihari

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Fixed in v.137 :medal_sports: Bug


It is not called zombie state, it’s called Ghost state.

Same my ship is black when its die it keeps black unless i have other ship and they colored the become white :just try not to die

Again, it’s called Ghost state, not zombie.

Internally in the code it’s called zombie. And I prefer this term because there’s no danger of confusion with “Ghost Trail”.


I have an idea about the ghost state

if you have lost all your lives you probably won’t be able to shoot the chickens or the bosses you can only collect food and keys, not even the guns.

That would just make the multiplayer mission became harder as balancing weapon during multi is exist.

Don’t ask me what I was imagining. Just if this idea was added, all player in iA’s party would just roaming around the room because they couldn’t shoot. :sweat_smile:

Losing all lives in multiplayer already stop increasing your score and prevents you from collecting keys.
Also, you can deny to continue playing if you want.

well this way it will only allow you to pick up keys or even food

If it were added it could gave any lazy player an unfair advantage.
Since you could just join someone multiplayer, and did nothing but collecting foods and keys.

if ghost players were unable to damage anything then they would just be parasites


There is only one way to know that the players I entered any server each time the difficulty of the Missions increases or I think that if a player is knocked down he will be in ghost mode, it is also noticeable that the player looks a little transparent and white and black

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