Early Access version 36

When I complete a mission, when the black worm effect appears, I can pause and it go away, after unpause it goes to complete screen like nothing happened.

Acknowledged. Won’t fix.

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Why no fix :frowning:
Because the players never pause when complete?

Because, generally speaking “it’s not worth it”:

  1. As you say, it’s a rare bug (not many players pause at the very end)
  2. It’s visual only (the game correctly ends when it should regardless)
  3. Implementation-wise, it’s not straightforward to fix. I would have to write special-case code to remember the state of the “black worm” and restore it after unpausing. Any special-case code is a maintenance burden.
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Has this fixed along with @BoggY 's bug?

Yes, it’s the same bug as this:

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Can you make a pause cooldown because this look weird

Then maybe stop doing it? :wink:


Is the same situation with dying accounted for?

So far, I’ve never seen any hint during the end of stage, despite having this option marked.


Why? InterAction Studios most likely always deal with important messages. If he missed your mail (he’s not necessarily online every day), you can try again.

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It’s callsign, not callsing and you should also state what item in the list (changelog, better copy it exactly) you have suggested to fix.

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because i wasn’t able to replicate it, so i got a hand cursor after pausing instead.

Is this one fixed? It doesn’t show up on the list.

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It is intended not to be fixed, while the current known bugs are supposed to be fixed, but they are complex and can’t be fixed yet.

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I don’t know but, the music seems weird

Epic image

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This image is CURSED

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Yes, I used the beam glitch to make cursed image, lol I can even fire once after it

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