CIU version 136

That already happens. Once an account is deleted, the corresponding callsign is free for use again.

The “Yuri” account is 2 years old and it is still active (with recent login), so it is not your friend’s account. Perhaps your friend’s callsign was not “Yuri” in the first place?


Why am I getting this sign?

1- Do you play competitive missions (events) in multiplayer? If yes, that’s why.

2- Do you play the same mission over and over again? If yes, that’s why.

Competitive mission (except daily amd league dares) still count towards to our result even being played repeatedly.

I suppose so. I asked her again and she already forgot the callsign she set :person_facepalming: so it’s okay.

@InterAction_studios , I’m talking about the wave: Strong Nuclear Force. I think the “Pecking Order” bonus should be removed from bubble-protected enemies if I tried it but nothing happened or the bonus didn’t show up. Look at the pilot chicken.

Will this be affected with local computer time (for exampl, changing system date/time to an exact season time)? Or it’ll use server time to change?

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IA, these pies should not kill you like “It gets cold in space” boss clothes.

The buns being tangible is part of the boss.

I know. That’s why I asked if it can be changed because it acts like the “It gets cold in space” boss clothes.

Just leave them as is.

Acknowledged, but I have no way to remove the bonus from specific enemy groups. I can only remove it from the wave altogether. And I’d rather keep it, because you can get it on the orbiting enemies.

Yes, but you can also force a particular season through the menu.

In any case, I’m uncertain whether this will remain as an official feature yet in CIU. It’s meant for an upcoming rework of the episodes.

Hm, no. Just think of the buns as another boss attack.


Oh, color me intrigued.


iA, there’s a bug in Multiplayer Mode, when a zombie/ghost player send a message. his message will be sent but without the message sound (silent message), Is this intended?

Maybe. Since you are a ghost in this state, sound may become cancelled.

As I have found, Thundercluck guitar laser attack are in wrong location (the laser in fact that emits on guitar, but it is in back of the boss.)

This is intended. IIRC this behaviour is the result of an old suggestion on this forum.

I can’t fix this… all enemy bullets are grouped on the same layer (well, there are two layers, but neither one fixes the problem).


New Idea For CIU (It May Be a long time) Making a VR Version Will make it great cuz other games like garry’s mod and minecraft ,etc. Will make it more familiar it may be hard but great version. Also,I have an account have e-mail but if I took 1 year will it be deleted?

Well, not really. But anyways I would see how the dev think.

For accounts, as long as you have reach 1 hour of playtime and had relogin or login on another device, your accounts won’t be deleted.

Imagining fighting UCO on vr

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ah yes turning a 2d game into a vr game
totally make sense