Early Access version 66

IA, Sometimes players aren’t online for days and don’t see who dared them, but they will lose their dare point anyway by not being active. Active players can dare inactive players and can get points easily. It’s unfair, so I suggest to ignore players that weren’t receive dare message and really didn’t become online.

iA said he can’t do that because it would be an exploit to players who are at the top.

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I assume this account is not legit as there is dare button active.

I think that player who not dare for 3 days cannot be dared until the player dare someone

Already A Thing.

Changed in v.67 :medal_sports: Idea

I can’t do anything about league inactivity for the reason @SA-GoldenBoss128 mentioned. I might be able to something about login inactivity. I’ve made a note to think about it before the next update.

Also, in the next update, the number of points you lose by an expiring dare has been cut in half.

Changed in v.67 :medal_sports: Idea


What about “inter action” or “inter action studios”?
And what will happen to peoples who did this?

Callsign reset.

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As a punishment?

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Just returned in the forum after a break from the game and found that I suggested an upcomung feature first.

I know these posts are annoying but I wanted to point this out.


how does it works ?

Just like normal one but you won’t lost or win any points whether you won or lost the dare.

@InterAction_studios , could the mission environment type shows when pausing the game?

Also, look:


Did he hacked it?


Yo wtf

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That’s what I’m saying too, but how??

All we all know of once iA wakes up, he gonna have a good time giving him a bad time


Could you add backup option :thinking:?

You can just do it normally. Backup is hellishly complex for both developer and players

You don’t understand

Just follow the instructions

I never mean email I mean Google Drive. IA should add my backup if I gave it access to Google Drive