Some site questions

So, I’ve been here since January and I know most of the features here, but some features I can’t understand how they work. So here’s 2 questions of me:

  1. How do you quote a reply from a topic and reply it in another?
  2. How do you post a video here? I tried copy the video link and paste it here but it only show the link, not the video.

well… quote it and go to the topic you want to post it, press reply then reply here

just paste it, no need to use hyperlink

How to do it while on phone?

the same thing

For example:

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It doesn’t show quote option

That’s because it doesn’t work for locked topics, though, even though that’s something which I’ve seen some people do (and I’ve messed with the tags to get it to work but it takes an inefficiently long time so if there’s a quick way I want to know, aha) :wink:

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oh yes

Or you can just copy text from locked topics, then quote someone and replace their reply with the text:

well i did something

Well yes, that’s easy when the author is also in the same topic. Otherwise it’s a three step process.


Before the closing of everything it was just a matter of highlighting and clicking quote, but now you have to be clever
I personally copy the text then use the > symbol in new line and paste the text here. In addition to that I also paste the link below the text to allow others to see the whole post.

Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet
Click me

(open the topics and just ban people that bump them without a point)


Definitely what @kokokokos said. I use the > symbol instead of selecting and clicking quote button.

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