CIU version 135

No one knows how to make a new account because it will get banned anyways

bruh that mean all my pc got banned

Just clean your data and then make sure you are beginning guest.

No. After a month you can create any account, or replay your banned account.

fine no need for new account

@InterAction_studios In which type of mission can this boss be encountered? Droid Raids, I guess? What’s the minimal difficulty for the Burgermeister to have a chance to appear in a mission? What track will be used for this boss? Perhaps should it be CIU Boss Music 1 because CIU Boss Music 2 is used for more bosses than the first one?

What are its attacks?

From its name, it might appear in Droid Raids.

It’s a “regular” boss, so all missions.

There’ll be a beta later tonight so you can see for yourselves.



does that mean this will be another droid raid boss?

YASSSSS!!! I’ve waited for new contents so long!!

No it means its for all missions

I’m sorry but, what’s the mean of this? Is this include any missions like Comet, Feather, Supernova or Retro?

Yes. Because as IA said, it will appear in all missions. So it is not a boss that appears in a specific mission.

No, only in missions were “regular” bosses appear (Invasion missions and similar). Wherever e.g. Iron Chef, Special Forces, or UCO would appear.

It also doesn’t appear in Double Team missions.


Wai-whuh, new content? Hooray~!


2 month of waiting now worth it

Could someone enlighten me how the dare points are calculated please?
(I was challenged both times if that matters)

depends on the point difference between you and your opponent