Early Access version 58.2

@InterAction_studios can Assassin Chicks (the ones that turn red & chase you) be removed from bubble waves like “Bubble Rings”? Or not appear in the bottom bubbles at it? Just play wave 91 at Weekly Challenge to see how much of a pain they are.

Or you can just make the Bubble disappear forever when they get mad.

How about on stats there be spacecraft usage? Like weapon usage.

Why when coloring pilot chicken it glitch on helmet but it works fine in CI5? Is there a way to fix it in CIU?

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After pausing the game a strange bug appeared, you can see a belt of one of the chickens!


This error occures on windiws 10 during weekly challenge

Hmm, what if infini-chick performs triple spiral when one infini die in twice infinity (>100% difficulty)

If =<100% however, they do one spiral when one die

wait I suggested an already suggested

Already suggested

Could this be applied to Twice Infinity, to the 2 infinichicks in Chicken Multiplicity and to the Chicken Exponentiality brothers too?


Do this please. And buff Twice Infinity’s health by 25% as well. They die a lot faster now, which means you’ll almost never see both of them alive at the same time to make the 360 fiery attack of any challenge and threat.

Oh, and make them fire their random green bullets at the same time as the 360 fiery bullets too. That way, they can start moving around faster, and generally be more difficult.


While we’re at it, upscale the boss healths for WBP values and add some new attacks for balance to some that are lacking.

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Will this actually accomplish anything? AoE is the only reason that the clumped spawn is a problem, so adding a bubble won’t change much, I think.

What if the chickens came in from beneath? That way the player would have to dodge them, meaning less time to reposition and establish an AoE before they spread.
(Unless, of course, you’re using Absolver. But it needs some strong waves to balance out its weaker ones, at least in its current state.)

…mine is pretty low, lol. I am what I believe is known as a “filthy casual”. :joy:
It’s definitely not as bad as 64MB though.

Noted. :stuck_out_tongue:


What are these stars on the astroids in metor storm mission ??

And what is that error

Failed: socket error: SOCKERR_ETIMEDOUT

They appear when the asteroid almost hit you. It gives you more points. The more stars the more point increase. There could be up to 4 stars.

Hmm… not sure. Did you succeed to login again?


I logged in again
It worked but I still don’t know what was that

They’re for the grazing bonus


I don’t know either. It sometimes happens to me.

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That error is a sudden kick from the game

Added to v.59 :medal_sports: Idea

I’ve made a small change that might potentially solve this. Please try again in v.59

I’ve decided to fix this because it will definitely become a problem with translations in the future. Will also award medal to original poster, if they identify themselves.

Fixed in v.59 :medal_sports: Bug .

That was already done in v.43…

… but I see now that I messed it up. Fixed in v.59 :medal_sports: Bug

There are a lot of these bugs when you pause the game on the exact frame enemies spawn on.

Added to “Twice Infinity” v.59 :medal_sports: Idea . I’m reluctant to add it to their other appearances, because there are other enemies around that might make it too difficult.

Uhh… I seem to recall we had to reduce their health because they were bullet sponges? If the weapons are stronger now, then that means all bosses need a buff, not just these particular ones.

It seems this needs to be done, but I’m uncertain for which bosses and by how much. Can players who normally play around 100% difficulty give their opinion on this?

Well, it’s one large bubble that protects everything, so the point of impact is further away, reducing the damage dealt.


One of the bosses that definitely needs a health buff is The Henperor’s apprentice. And probably a new attack. (The current patterns are repetitive and nothing special.)

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Will the coins be floating? Or effected by gravity?

Okay then. I’ll poll it:

“Twice Infinity” & “Brothers Reunited” now become enraged when their sibling dies. So should this be in the 2 infinichicks in Chicken Multiplicity and to the Chicken Exponentiality brothers too? Or it’ll be too difficult?

  • Yes! More difficulty=More fun.
  • No! It’ll be too hard.
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I would like Egg Cannon to be less tanky, even thought I didn’t play that much last time. Even Henterprise doesn’t make the fight as long as Egg Cannon does. The whole fight is infinite cycle of:

  1. Trtrtrtrtrt/bzbzbzbz
  2. Waiting the weapon to cool down/PSHSHSH

:gear: Compiled with VS2019 v16.7.6

Visual Studio just sent me v16.7.7 update notification :neutral_face:.


In fact I had to update it too earlier