CIU version 139

Random thought, but what if the Accumulator bar had an alert sound when it’s fully, or nearly, drained? It’d be like how we hear a beep when we’re close to overheating. The sound can be the MGS Alert/Exclamation sound.

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I noticed that “Mass Condenser” still countdown when you hit the “undamaged target” enemy (like indestructive barrier, UCO’s hands, Crab’s hands, etc…) directly by your spaceship.

Before hitting directly:

After hitting directly:

They should not be counted down


I think they should.



v.140 UPDATE

ETA Saturday 25 November 2023 08:00-10:00 GMT



I wish to be an translator official :pray:

I just activated a Phase-out, only for it to get wasted after I die to an assasin chick. It’s possible that these events occurred on the same frame.

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Why do you think that they should be like that?

Mass Condenser provides a potential benefit when you crash into anything. It’s your job to crash into the right thing. What if you crash into a chick, would you say that the Mass Condenser should not be expended because the chick would die anyway even without a Mass Condenser?


To be honest, this started off as a rendering error, but what the hey…

Should CI2 sarge chicken have teeth?
  • With teeth
  • Without teeth
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Are birds supposed to have teeth?
I guess people really prefer a rendering error over science just because it’s more faithful to the original.

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Realistically, chickens don’t need/have teeth. But who cares? This is fiction!


We have had the science discussion before, it’s barely applicable in this series.


funny chicken shooting game needs no realism

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I think the (real) chickens are haven’t a teeth, but I suppose to add “Boss chicken” by teeth in CI2U.

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Cute :3


Sarge Chicken looks happy with teeth :slight_smile:

Got the pearly whites


does colgate pearly white exist in space

So what do you think if you don’t expect that you will crash into an “indestruction” enemy? Mass Condenser is used to crash into an enemy that it’s too hard to defeat it (especially is the boss), so this could be an accident if you crash into a “can be destroyed” enemy. As your example about crashing into a chick, that’s because of player’s skill. They won’t want to crash into a small enemy in a Chicken Invasion wave. If they have, that’s because of “skill issue”, as our community always said.

And you should know that mostly player use Mass Condenser to crashing into a boss, for supporting other players in a multiplayer room. That’s why i think Mass Condenser should not be counted down if you crashed into an indestructive enemy, as i explained from my previous post. If players bring Mass Condenser into a mission that isn’t Boss Rush/Double Team, they will use Mass Condenser to crashing into the boss after a while until reaching that boss wave.


literally skill issue
use it properly, rather than adjust it to specific usage
if you want to change it that bad, i guess a bind to enable/disable it in gameplay could work

and please, don’t use high difficulty to scale everything

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ironic because the idea is to learn not to die on it if it’s hard, not die on it more

it was nerfed to be a mountable because 150,000 extra crash damage (3 mass condensers stacked) is too strong for a perishable. plus, that’ll just make boss rushes pointless if you’ll just crash into them all with infinite lives as a ghost