Early Access version 112

I’v found a retro mission, that repeats 3 waves. like there is 2 advanced waves of each.

@InterAction_studios Can you disable selling shields? Just to prevent players from selling them while orbiting an orbit that requires a shield.


Still a bug.


Also, can you decrease clucker bomb particles, but just for multiplayer?
You can easily set everyone’s FPS to 0, unless in low-detail mode.


Hmm, great 9 fps on low detailed

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Speaking of this, I wonder if IA could simply make it so that when you dock to a place that has at least one restriction, the Galactic Store prevents you from selling the respective items that are required for you to dock to the same place?

Maybe that’s difficult for code, but Ig it’s easy to just disable it for good.
Who would want to get rid of that item anyways

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90% of victims people who I used a single clucker bomb on, got their FPS greatly reduced, then start begging me to stop.

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For some reason, an item in the same heroware can have either different rarities or none at all for different players. Example:
Here’s my perspective of a legendary M408:

Now here’s the same heroware from 4-FX’s perspective:

Both images were taken at the same time, and as stated above, in the same heroware, 815+106 to be exact.


can vouch for this

i checked the store with my alt

and then with my main account

sure enough, the legendary doesnt exist


minor suggestion (likely suggesting quite long ago):
After the chicks were killed, such nuggets would fly out of them.
Of course, the chance of such food from killing the chicks remains the same as it is now.


iA, just wanna ask. have u ever thinking of making asteroid belt with electric environment?

Some Suggestios:

-Danger zone unnecessarily enlarged in “Whoops wrong Exist”, Chickens move slowly in this wave. besides there are anomalies in this wave where the player can go to them.
-Is the Plasma rifle doing damage through bubbles an intended thing?
-Remove Egg Minigun from Wheel of Fortune/Torture. Competely unsurvivable with them firing at the time.
-Danger Zone for “What’s the Time”, Considering how fast chicken appears.
-Larger Danger zones for Look at all directions. I have seen some enemies appear outside it’s range and could crash with the player.
-Danger zone for Neckties/Bow ties are cool at the bottom corners. Enemies can crash with the player there. or suddenly fire a shot at him.
-More bullets for the Laser/Egg minigun enemies in Feather clumps. Maybe unnecessary but during how large the screen is they might need it out.

Answered before in v110 or v109 (I don’t know what topic). it was suggested by Chickenboss.

And due to how stupid the degree of complexilibity it reached. it was rejected.

Positron stream, lightning fryer locks beam are the same

That’s not a suggestion. And yes, it’s intended.

It absolutely is survivable. In fact it’s like one of the least rng-heavy epic waves this game has ever seen, and one of the best ones. Let’s not remove it, please.


I wouldn’t accept removing it if those didn’t fire at the same time.


Changed in v.113 :medal_sports: Idea

I mean, how much of it is still visible when it disappears? Is it only the head? Is it half of it? Is it fully visible?

Looks like a bug. I noticed that in the beginning of your stream (when you have 1366x768 selected), the image is not centered (there is more empty space on the right). Is this how it actually looks on your monitor?

Also, please press Ctrl+Alt+X at the main screen to make the game crash. A report will be automatically sent to me (next time you log in) so I can have a closer look at your computer details.

Please explain what the error is.

No, “unmount all” is pretty specific in its meaning.

Enemies enter from the sides, so no.



It’s not meant to disappear on that wave.





No. It’s already only 7 particles for explosion. People affected by low fps should be running at “low detail” anyway, regardless of multiplayer.

Not worth it. If you decide to sell it while docked, then so be it. It’s not a long-term benefit :man_shrugging:

I think this is related to which server you’re connected to, rather than which player profile you log in with. Will investigate.

I’ve considered this in the past, but I find the shape of nuggets to be nondescript. I think most players would confuse them with coins.

The Meteor Storm missions inherit their environment from their host planet, and since asteroid belts can’t have electric environment…

It’s fine.

I wouldn’t say intended, but it follows naturally from the game’s rules. Bubbles don’t protect from AoE. In fact, they don’t actually protect from anything; they just present a bigger target that is (hopefully) larger than anything inside.



Hm. good one but not sure if some players are skilled enough to do this.

all i wanted to do was prove it’s indeed survivable

thats all