CIU version 146 BETA

Only build the version 32-bit.

But in Google play support only 64-bit.

I think they meant was how to install the beta version on Android

You cannot. Its PC only via a standalone client.



I was asking if it have something to do with assets/game/ files or not and thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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  • Pineapple comet display an actual comet sound when destroyed (Comet Chase)
  • Shells in Treasure Shower still plays the Ice Cream sound
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CIU v146.3 Pineapple comets already use fruits sound when destroyed.

This opinion is already changed by @PlasmaX . It’ll changing in CIU v146.4.

Yes! @InterAction_studios must say something later on about it.

Update: The skipping action disconnected me because the action takes you to W111, but that’s unexistent.

Changed in v.146.4 :medal_sports: Idea

The server will only allow you to “win” the mission if you’ve actually played through all waves.

No, it’s part of the regular CI5 data file. And it hasn’t been changed.


This just keeps getting better and better.

Changed in v.146.4 :medal_sports: Idea


Hey @InterAction_studios, did you see this?

you can just post without pinging multiple time.

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Sometimes developers forget. But, many times, after seeing someone else’s report post, it will take a long time to think and respond. Or the developer will not respond and refuse to do anything.

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@InterAction_studios you can make feather brain as a mud sand boss chicken or monster that’s covered all up with mud sand even the face, eyes, beak literally everything.

Or you can turn him to this

The neck area thingy should be a neckless with a sea star in the middle, and add slippers for him.

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The “neck thing” is a bow tie

Fun fact: I should know, I’m wearing one right now😏

Description of every little kid at the beach, they just get muddy as h*ll.

The swimtube in Cutscene is darker than in “Prologue”

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It’s Wilson the Volleyball🤣

Fact: The Egg Cannon’s shape is suitable to change it into a submarine.
Speaking of the submarine, i have suggested this before:

What do you think about this, iA? Can the Egg Cannon or Henterprise be changed into a submarine?