Early Access version 125

Since Auto-uses, Perishables, and Special Weapons are considered Mountables, can they be considered Mountables? Just like this Amplifier is considered Stackable.

nice profile image.

Alrighty, i noticed while defeating this boss the lightning effects it wouldn’t disappear in there after this part begins where you already defeated the latest one but eventually it happens cannonade’s part, tho expert the explosion after it dissapears the lightning effects in there.

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@InterAction_studios Can you add Christmas Edition re-skins Xmas Klaus chicken , Boss Chicken CI3 , Dr Breaker , Crazy Squawker , Master Squawker , Egg Cannon & Egg Cannon Diodie

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Hi, after getting a 160hz monitor I am constantly getting brightness flickering on the main menu when the game is loading, I guess it’s caused by the fps spikes that trigger the LFC. Is there any solution apart from disabling freesync? I have an AMD RX 590 if it helps.
Edit: another thing, is it normal that the cursor gets stuck to to the letterbox for a second before moving when I move the mouse?

4 thing i need to complain:

there’s 1 problem: the way you are going

yeah the background didnt sync well (spacecraft on right side/ 0:24)

I already seen this since last year
The mysterious ship texture are just too big (it’s so big that it instanly appear on Double Team). Maybe make it smaller?

how about make it red?

Dont forget about Egg cannon

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I have suggested this before (except Squawk Block boss):

Sometime i noticed in supernova missions some fragment break into bigger piece(s). Is that normal?

Ok If IA accept idea , I think Medal Shared OK

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Ridiculous idea from a friend
Callsign: wakkochamp


Changed in v.126 :medal_sports: Idea

Not a bug. In multiplayer games, server and client simulations can get out of sync, and collisions cannot be reported instantly, so this can happen (even for the host). If gets worse the move uneven your ping is.

Probably, but it’s not likely I’ll ever be able to track it down.

This looks like just another “join a multiplayer game while it’s paused” or “pause game exactly on spawn frame” issue.

Maybe the server was overloaded and it failed to check in on time. It should reappear within the next minute.

Those numbers would not mean anything to players. Besides, they’re non-linear.

It’s not.

Because you can have the same music in the “wave” and “boss” slots.

I initially thought so too, but I was wrong. The probability is the same regardless of how many times it’s listed.

I’d rather not inflate the download size (another consideration is that I can’t track down the original authors individually to request permission). Maybe they could be put in a mod instead?

All credits are listed in the “What’s this?” button in the main menu

I’m not sure what you’re asking exactly, however it’s unlikely I’ll be able to change the categorization of anything because it’s dictated by the class hierarchy in the implementation.

It’s only a workarond, but you can set loadMode to 0. Read this for more information: 🛠 Troubleshooting - #5 by InterAction_studios

Fixed in v.126 :medal_sports: Bug However, note that in multiplayer games, some players might turn one way, while other players turn the other way, so there will be some discrepancy no matter which direction the starfield chooses.

Fixed in v.126 :medal_sports: Bug

Actually, this year I’m allowing code changes, so… Fixed in v.126 :medal_sports: Bug

Oof… that’s going to be… not easy. Will look into it.


@InterAction_studios How about if you’re getting the chance to checking this issue including the other one from previously topics to improve the part of this type mission i literally did months ago?

Didn’t Island Wars 2 support a tracker music format (.xm specifically) for a while? I managed to find them all and it seems they would only add about 6 MB to the file size.

Ah i get it now

Make it only affect by hoster. Simple.

Can you also share a medal to @Instinct8 for his og suggection?

Acknowledged, but had a quick look and it can’t be easily fixed.

Not sure what you mean.

I spent 3 hours to get the rendering to look right, but I lost the original camera settings and for the life of me I can’t figure out how I can get it to look that way again. So no Christmas lights for the Egg Cannon :frowning:

Yes, Smileyville and Loco, too. But that was on another sound engine (fmod).

That’s how it works. But some players will still it going the ‘wrong’ way.



Thanks, it worked!
And what about the cursor getting stuck for a second on the letterbox when moving the mouse away from it (like there is a “magnet”)? Is it supposed to work like that or is it a bug?

I haven’t noticed anything wrong. Not 100% sure what you mean, but if you have more than one monitor, then once the cursor leaves the window the fork stays frozen in its last valid position – that is normal.


As far as I see on bass lib website it supports all of the tracker formats used in 2002’s source material. Does it require major changes to the sound layer to support these? (From what I see BASS_MusicLoad and BASS_StreamCreateFile are almost identical in syntax, perhaps other functions are similar too)