CIU version 133

Sure, instead it would be a general gameplay bug which sounds like “I can receive extra life in tutorial but can’t during normal gameplay”.

Ok, when it gives you extra life for the first time, it’ll say something like
“Careful recruit! Make sure to dodge chickens attacks, and chickens themselves!
You’ll get an extra life for the sake of the tutorial”
Turning it to a tutorial thing.

And then we return to it being unnecessary.

Why are small cool details ideas always hated :cipain:

BETA server is now off-line.


so wait, if i have like more than 500 spacecrafts, does that mean i can’t buy spacecraft anymore?

@InterAction_studios Since this feature will be applied in the next version, how about making the ‘‘hard limit’’ dependant on tier levels? So that leveling up one’s tier increases their hard limit.

For instance:

Tier 0 = 100
Tier 25 = 200
Tier 50 = 300
Tier 75 = 400
Tier 99 = 500

It could make tier leveling up more rewarding and motivate people to progress through the game.

The hard limit was made because Emerald locked herself out of changing her fleet weapons by buying 10k moron railguns.
So, I suggested to make a limit for items.
Then, he showed top players with ridiculous amount of items, to see how the limit would look like. Originally, the limit would have been 1000, but now it’s 500.

incredibly patience

Looks like she has spamclicked the Buy button for about an hour or two and accidentally locked herself out of changing fleet weapons because the list was flooded with Moron Railguns.

She logged to the guest server when it was on, sold literally everything, and kept buying moron railguns until she ran out of keys.
When she went checking the fleet menu and attempted to change the weapon, the game froze and she got disconnected from the server.

Similar thing happened when I tried to increase my moron railguns to 999999 (stacked ones, not separate) which causes the game to freeze for a bit when entering the fleet menu, before banning you for cheating.

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It seemed that too many things on the list caused the game to crash, so the hard limit was added.

Weird enough, the morons I had were just one item bundle with just the value of how many items I have, however, Emerald had separate items, since that’s how buying weapons work.

Cheating may not prevent me from buying more than 500 items anyways, since I was able to buy more than the maximum allowed extra slots.

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So… The dream of owning 1000 spacecraft at the same time is officially dead?

Just buy 500 H&Cs and 500 Mullers or something.

2000 spacecraft?

Buy 500 BX and 500 VF :roll_eyes:

Yeah, Rainbow will buy 500 H&Cs, 500 Mullers, 500 BXs and 500 VFs.

Maximum amount of spacecrafts:
H&C 101: 500
H&C 201: 500
H&C 301: 500
BX 7: 500
BX 8: 500
BX 9: 500
Muller 400: 500
Muller 404: 500
Muller 408: 500
VF-56: 500
VF-66: 500
And finally
VF-76: 500

Total: 6000 spacecrafts. If uncommon items count as a unique one, then multiply this result by 4.