Early Access version 56

The weapon price rates are broken, I bought a new spacecraft by just selling my level 7 ion which I got from before the update. Plus, not all weapons are perfectly balanced, for example Riddler and Absolver, so it’s just overkill for someone new. I really liked the older system better.

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A more elaborate poll!
If we destroy the shell of the Yolk Star, the Terminators will have increased speed, and if we kill the Yolk, the Terminators will run away from the screen and the fight will end (before they escape, the player still has a chance to kill them)

  • Yes
  • No

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It’s merely half of 10,000. It’s not that bad. It just means: Buy only what you need, not throw the keys away like that.

@InterAction_studios Some of wave mirror need to have a sign to dodge or shot it (like Omnidirectional Onslaught, Spirial Of Doom,…) I almost die on Omnidirectional Onslaught wave part tho

It’s a bug NIUX reported, it’s not supposed to be upside-down I guess (I died once too.).

But what’s wrong with that one.

Is it me or you didn’t add it to Known bugs & new features?

No, it’s not you. I even cannot see it there.

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I want to suggest adding the CI5 Halloween Starfield to the store. Might as well make use of it, yes?

(and since halloween is near)


and what about the thanksgiving background of CI4?

i wish i can know how to make designs, so i can present an idea of a boss there :\

Well, might as well add the smoky background from CI4 as well if that’s the case. (Supernova/Space Burger Headquarters)

Not worth it.

This happens because wobbling (which always starts off towards the left) is not mirrored (can’t be). It’s fine.

Probably, but it’s not worth the effort.

If you play at an easier difficulty, the grenades don’t overlap.

Odd. How old is your graphics card? Do you know it’s make/model?

It’s only 4590. And earlier upgrades are cheaper than later ones.

I see it :thinking:


What about adding some backgrouds from the old chapters to the store?

Yea, congratulations, m8 & good luck getting the idea one too :wink:

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They already exist

i mean these backgrounds from some editions like

1 . the thanksgiving edition from CI4

2 . the halloween edition from CI5

3 . super nova back grounds

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Now i understood.

has anyone suggested a mirrored version of the egg cannon

That already exist. It can be mirrored to the right, left only.

then I have no luck with the left

will Ice Golem, Terror from the Deep, Heart of Darkness and Hen House bosses be in CIU or not