CIU version 141

but sub-text (small text below the main text) already says “Crack that shell!”
and besides CI2 MHS & CI3 MHS has normal zoom meanwhile CI4 MHS has larger zoom

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That one is fought along the Y axis, so that’s distinct enough. As for the CI3 one, its only one “phase” and its name is different enough to not get confused.

Also, the themes for all bosses are all audio cues that can help indicate which Mothership it is, if one isn’t using other boss BGMs.


For the “easy difficulty” encounter, yes. I believe that the Boss name should just be “Mother Hen-Ship”. While subtexts can help, it wouldn’t make some sense for CIU encounters. Its why the Death Star doesn’t have “Now you’ll pay for everything!” as a subtext, since we can encounter it at any possible time.

I’m visualizing the Egg Cannon in this scenario, where you won’t know how hard it’ll be until you hit a specific checkpoint that changes up the encounter. For example, in a 100+% Egg Cannon encounter, we get the yellow line lasers at 20%, red beams at 40%, egg shot at 60%, etc…

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something’s wrong the all time best comma text bug and scroll up or down they generate and disappeared in a rank 31. it’s a intended?

or multiplayer leaving partial doesn’t yellow colors.

Victory = green
Partial = yellow (was grey)
Surrender = orange
Defeat = red

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I’d like to suggest something in case either of these ideas above make it into the game.

Are you sure you want CI2’s Victory Theme in the random music pool?
  • Yes
  • No
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like I haven’t already read that

I literally explicitly asked for confirmation for this idea…

Magnetic Manipulator and Feather Brain have rigid parts in their outfit (helmet, rocks, eggshell) that I thought looked weird when squashed. But I’ve now enabled squashing for players to make up their own mind.

“Sweater” chicken is indeed an oversight. Changed in v.142 :medal_sports: Idea

It’s not sufficiently different to warrant another variant.

This looks like texture bleeding. Are you on Windows or Android? What screen resolution are you using?


I get why you asked for this, since we had the 3-5 Victory themes in the normal BGM pool and it felt very awkward to hear the 3 and 4 ones in use. I think those were removed out of the pool after initial feedback. I haven’t heard the 2U victory theme in full, but I feel it’d work out in the BGM pool, like how 5’s one is long enough to “work”.

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well i’m played in windows resolution current 1366 x 768 and 640x480 no effect from texture bleeding.

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Hmm, no different?
What about making each chicken lines appear 4 times? Example:

  • First time: Left bottom corner/ Right bottom corner
  • Second time: Right top corner/ Left top corner
  • Third time: Left top corner/ Left bottom corner
  • Fourth time: Right bottom corner/Right top corner

Appear only in >100% difficult. This mean that the current “Partner Acrobatics” will be appear in lower difficult. Or if you still not understand, just like how each variant of Henterprise appear, for better understandable.

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It will be disadvantageous if there are too many Coward Chickens, Balloon Chicken, some Chickenauts and Slob Chickens.

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I don’t want to negate this, but it’s already have a wave like that in CI3 story.

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Ask @Star_Light, because “Chicken/ Partner Acrobatics” wave was added by Star_Light’s idea in CIU v64.

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The current “Chicken/Partner Acrobatics” wave have no any variants in CIU mission like wave 115 from CI3U (appear from 2 corner of a edge of screen).

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  1. Trying to damage U.C.O. , Mysterious Ship is shown to play each random metallic sound slower. Robotic Space Crab, Iron Chef, CI2 Mother-Hen Ship (iron egg form), Henperor’s Apprentice all play each metal sound faster.

  2. Talk about the yolk between Yolk-Star and CI4 Mother-Hen Ship when taking damage:

  • The Yolk-Star™: Yolk sound playback and squashed animation are both slower.
  • CI4 Mother-Hen Ship: Yolk sound playback and squashed animation are both faster.
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Speaking about The Yolk-Star™, can you let it start attacking when the boss itself shows up their laser first?
It’s like how it worked in CI3.


Well, the poll in the post above confirms that 65% are for, the rest are against.

What’s your decision, IA?

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Ugh, my carefully separated data files. Added to v.142 :medal_sports: Idea

I can’t replicate the bug in 1366x768 :man_shrugging:

This wave has already a nightmare with all its flips and mirrors. I’m not touching it.

They all sound the same to me. And the code is the same, too.

Allowed. They are not the same enemy.

Changed in v.142 :medal_sports: Idea

Changed in v.142 :medal_sports: Idea


Sorry. But, your reply did crack me up.