CIU version 135

bro becomes toxic towards a person who don’t even play ciu


Well, I’m stumped. Clearly you have enough permissions to create the file there in the first place, because when you delete it and run the game it comes back, correct? But then somehow you’re not able to update it once created?!

Ok, I’m going to add some debug code in the v.136 update to log more information about why the save is failing. Will keep you posted.

Update: Actually, this could be related 🛠 Troubleshooting - #6 by InterAction_studios and something is deleting the file contents after the game is done with it. Can you run the game, redefine your keyboard keys (just press random keys), quit the game, wait 10 minutes, and then send me your C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\steam\135\CIU.hst file?

Actually, do you see any file in that folder ending in hstknowngood?


There’s no CIU.hst file in that folder for me, the three files are a cache file, a cfg file, and a text document (which looks like a log). There’s also no file in the folder that ends in hstknowngood. Checked while the game is running to see if the file is being created and deleted and found that isn’t happening either.

Just block him. The end.

Try to use mobile hotspot and let your and your brother’s laptop connect to the same hotspot, then create a multiplayer room. You or your brother must see a room included “Home Network” icon next to callsign, which must help.

Funny thing about how this game credits will work, is that we will just randomly have “Rick Astley” as a person who contributed in this game. Alongside many other anime characters.

Maybe it’d be more accurate if you made a feature where people can just write their real names if they want it be accurately mention them. Which would be only for credits purposes.

Oh, boy. You’re using Steam, aren’t you? The file is not supposed to be there, it’s saved on Steam cloud instead. Sorry for leading you down the wrong rabbit hole.

Ok, do these in order:

  1. In Steam, right-click on CIU in your Library and select “Properties”. In the “General” tab, UNselect “Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Chicken Invaders Universe”. Then run the game a couple of times and check whether it’s now saving correctly.

  2. If not, keep the checkbox above unchecked and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\YOUR_USER_ID\1510460\remote\steamcloud\live\CIU\135 (note that YOUR_USER_ID is a placeholder for your Steam account numeric identifier. If you’re the only account, then there should only be one folder there when you navigate to it). Delete CIU.hst found in that folder. Run the game and check if it’s working now.

  3. If not, go to Sign In (you might be asked to log in with your Steam credentials to access that page). Search for an entry steamcloud/live/CIU/135/CIU.hst. Is it there? If so, download and send it to me.


Your router probably doesn’t allow devices on your local network to “see” each other. Check here: I need help 2



Can you appear the list of players are who registered for quests standard,please?

I’m not sure if this is a bug or something
Watch the cursor


There try again

off-topic: @InterAction_studios what happen to Chatting Place topic?

Okay, so deleting the hst file didn’t work at first, but that did give me an idea that eventually managed to get the game to save the options. Side effects: unlinks account. Exact steps:

  1. Unchecked “Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Chicken Invaders Universe” in Properties > General in Steam.
  2. Uninstalled the game
  3. Deleted folder 1510460 (Steam\userdata\User_ID\1510460)
  4. Deleted InterAction studios folder (ProgramData\InterAction studios)
  5. Made sure the Chicken Invaders Universe folder was deleted (Steam\steamapps\common\Chicken Invaders Universe)
  6. Reinstalled CIU.
  7. Re-link account

(forgot to add; thank you for the help)

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What OS is this? Window? Android?

You mean all the unread messages? I don’t know – seems like a Discourse bug to me.

That’s certainly good news! However, from your description, you’ve left cloud sync off. You might want to re-enable that. When doing so, a conflict dialog will most likely pop up, where you should choose to “keep local files” (or similar phrasing).


I was able to replicate this by holding an arrow button. Just click anything with your mouse and the mouse will then be teleported to any button.

This is normal. Pressing any keyboard key (or maybe just the arrows and ENTER? I can’t recall exactly) will switch the menus to keyboard navigation mode, which saves and restores the mouse position upon entry/exit from each menu.


well, it’s a farewell for having flawless letter combinations for our language in the game…
(but I’ll work on the translations with as much time I have)

(also sorry for talking about this topic in a wrong channel…
didn’t notice that there is a specific channel about translation)

Only this.

So, from this, I figured out that the buttons in the row of the credits button load before the ones in the bottom. If I hold any key while skipping the menu it’ll only go to the credits button as it’s the nearest