Early Access version 55.3

Hm… Since they’re called Mirrored “Variations”…

How about we reverse those mirrored wave names too?

Wheel of Fortune -> enutroF fo leehW
Omnidirectional Onslaught -> thgualsnO lanoitceridinmO

I can reverse all those names for you if you want, so you won’t have to go through the headache of flipping the names.

Unless you want names of the opposite meaning instead, which would be less head-assaulting.

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And throwing up too.

Nah. mirrored versions can actually give little fresh gameplay (even though it’s literally the same level, but you need to adjust yourself), but mirrored text doesn’t serve any purpose and it makes it impossible to read normally.

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why 5 character limit

That’s (probably) been fixed as part of the bug below. Check again in v.56:


Why not? It was a good idea.



I’ve found a way where fighting the Feather Brain boss looks like testing your weapon power against like 10% of the feathers.


I mean, with the ship placement like that, I can deal ton of damage to the boss, while not having to deal with at least 90% of the feathers.
So I suggest @InterAction_studios to change the Feather Brain closer to the corners, and buff some attacks a bit.

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Maybe a new rare attack should be added too

Yes, i just discovered it while fighting this boss. It made it so easy until i defeated it.

Direct feather attack exists for a reason

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Well that attack doesn’t defend him that much…

@InterAction_studios can “Additive magic” option at Ghost Trail be activated by default? Like it is at Strobe Lights.

Or maybe do the opposite, don’t make it by default at Strobe Lights, I support this one since we should pay keys for changes and most people like additive magic. I know the whole thing is about 3 keys, but I still thing it’s worth a change.

And does Appetite Attractor work with coins or not?

Can other player location at Wormholes not be hidden to a player already explored it?

Could you add upside-down variation of “Centipede”?

Could you add a mirrored variation “Windshield Wipers”? Where the barriers start moving at the right first instead of moving at the left first.

Could you make rare Spacecraft hitboxes like this:

  • Regular: 100%
  • Uncommon: 97% (-3%)
  • Rare: 92% (-5%)
  • Legendary: 85% (-7%)

This idea was by qbus371, so give the medal if accepted, I didn’t link the original post as it was in Chatting Place.

I think image needs another point buff because the only stage that is so close on getting it is Comet Chase type, but no since Henlley’s Comet drops 4 gifts and that’s 64,000 points so it’s still not worth it, maybe player could try it but for fun only, but it’s sad that earning it at competitive missions is still less points than collecting power-ups, even if you didn’t change your weapon the entire mission, the Firepower still increases about 200 point every time you collect, so its point either should be increased, or other point be reduced but I won’t recommend that since no one will like that. Maybe you could make Henlley’s Comet drop less gifts? Like not drop one when it’s fully defeated? I don’t know.

Could you add a mirrored variation of “waving in the breeze” wave? And a flipped variation of it from Chapetr 11 of CI5? That’s what RamonTokus said so give medal to if accepted the flipped one.

Can Barbequers burn feathers?

When pausing the game while charging Absolver Beam then unpause it Absolver fires even when I’m still holding, example: I paused the game, then press “Esc” while holding the mouse fire click, it still doesn’t continue charging.

Can you enable Clean Sweep at all waves that doesn’t have, but they’d only have it enabled if there were UFOs in them.

Why the “Unmount all” button still works even after using it? It should be disable and when clicking on it a message appears saying “There are no more mounted equipment” maybe:

Could the safe zone at Pulsating Grid increase? Because it’s impossible staying at it with a Bomber, as soon as the wave starts I die, but it’s fine with M408.

  • Note: I will keep updating the same post with questions/ideas/bugs until you reply to me, then I will create another one, so you can see them better in one place.

Not necessary.

It is for a stingy person :smiling_imp:

Then it should be not activated by default at Strobe Lights, because the fact that is it by default at one and not at the other one is annoying…

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Dunno, non-magic trail is better than magic

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It shouldn’t be by default, then, it’ll be more decent.

Ok i am going to say this once again, Can some some waves of the (Another UFO encounter : deploying anti_probe measures) have purple laser shooters instead of the Egg Shooters ? because i find it challenging

another one (new), When a i touch a edge of the henelly Comet Boss , i do not get killed , is this a bug ? and will be fixed ?