Early Access version 88

The only reason I have is to replace your starter weapon because the other one could be better at the 1st wave. I still don’t find it necessary for cup missions to be cancellable.

Also why at the green circle it’s a :green_square: while at the red circle it’s a :arrow_up:

Well, the spreadsheet can do that too, it won’t kick you out until wave 2.

Well, in a real life tournament, for example a baseball tournament, you can’t just make time go back and play the first inning again


Fixed in v.89 :medal_sports: Bug


Thanks. Also when I met a boss and rotate from left to right direction, the sun effect rotates with me:

That looks cool so I’m against this.

This was deliberately done in v.9, so no:


Can you add important / useful items in shop be at the top (extra lives, perishables,)
as an option?
new players may be confused where you buy lives
or you have to scroll down / use filter to buy
smth like that idk

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What happens when you flew a squadron assigned mission that is on your to-do list?

I found this in Known bugs & new features:

Thanks a lot for finally adding +100% key multiplier in Anniversary in the next update, but isn’t Hybrid missions supposed to have +300% instead of +100%? (because Hybrid is mostly Chicken Invasion, and Weekly & Cup Knockout was worth +300% before Hybrid was added)

My game seems to keep crashing everytime I go into “Customize”, this only started happening today.
There is no message, it just closes after clicking on it.

I’ve raised it to 200%, but let’s collect some data first, because based on my analytics it appears that 300% would be too much.

This is caused by the sorting memory corruption bug. There’s no solution except to reset all user preferences in the next update. Fixed in v.89 :medal_sports: Bug

BTW I’ve got my new Code Signing Certificate now, so an update is coming tomorrow.



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I see you’ve been busy with Multiplayer in the meantime




Applies to all Music: Music is “stackable” in 2 slots: Wave music and Boss music, but I’m allowed to buy each of them only once.


One music for two slots, that is the main answer for that

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Yes. You can mount the same item in both slots.


Fixed in v.120 :medal_sports: Bug