Early Access version 63.2

No idea really might be so

B u g

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Might be a server error

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Yeah, it’s expired. E m e r g e n c y P a t c h N o w !

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well I thought that bug fix but it made this instead. Looks cool, I’m fine with it.

(yeah I alt tabbed)


Does this mean we won’t be able to use mouse and keyboard together anymore?

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why my the bottom of space craft is pink ?


I dont understand what you meant, ¿why the exhaust trespass the button of your spacecraft? If you meant that, that is just the preview of how does the exhaust look hidden inside the spacecraft tail. It isnt visible in the galaxy or when you are playing.

Every exhaust would glow like so if they had such firepower.

You got spared by the randomizer there a couple of times :smirk:. I rate this “way better than I ever could”.

That’s the “fix”. Easy implementation won again.

There was a typo. I meant “Game is now entirely controllable…”. It just means you can play it without a mouse.

Some exhausts have a glow/bloom effect that overlays the spacecraft.

Bug. Fixed in v.64 :medal_sports: Bug


can you please read this ?

Some bosses only drop either gifts or atoms. No reason to change that.


I’ve regenerated the challenge message. But all future Space Races will also expire early until v.64 is released. Let me know at that time and I’ll regenerate those, too.


IA, the daily mission is also missing…

wdym it’s in here

wtf screenshot

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Maybe, I was talking about Daily mission?

weapon training IS daily mission.


I got defeated at Ironman competition, but my score submitted as top-10. Is it intended?

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If you got defeated but your score is still high enough you can still get in the top 10. Then again, you did the mission 2 times, and the highest of the 2 scores gets picked only.


imagine getting defeated but the score is at 1st place