Early Access version 26

Well, if the game won’t satisfy beginners (new to the series, new to shoot 'em up genre) they’ll just quit and find other similar games.

The game itself tries to satisfy most players (not all, of course cause).

Also, happy anniversary to the forum.

Especially when beginners are having good things , ships, keys , very much fuel and one day they lost it all, CIU data, pc data, everything. I guess i can say they won’t play this game for a looong time then when they came back, this happens again. This is beginners “mistake” and also mine. And when they come back for real they will quit the game forever (probably) seeing so many good players around and never start it. Like what i am gonna do of i won’t get my acc back

That attitude of yours is bad, lemme tell you that and I hope it just restrains to games. Never give up.

Meanwhile, I have the same attitude and give life tips to people.

On a similar situation, like Pokemon, you don’t fight the Elite Four and the Champion on your first battle.

The new players need to familiarize with the waves first (since we’ve got like more than a hundred of them) and then time by time they could advance.

Veteran and esport-tier players will have the option to disable these tips and stuffs for the beginners.

Also, I’d prefer to farm on easier missions as it won’t lose me much in-game consumables.

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how about adding an ability to look at the background or listen to the music you buy from the galactic store before buying it [ in case you dont remember the backgrounds and music from other chicken invaders games }

when this will be added ?

it was me who posted this

Will be added Next version.
Read regularry this topic

And also this:

Did you suggest that earlier than this post?

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i think i suggested it earlier than this post

I had a travel bug to report:

As you can ſee, I have not explored the ſtar ſyſtem indicated by the arrow. However, I find that I can travel paſt it no problem on the interſtellar highway (e.g. between Sabazios and Agathodaemon), and when I do, it doeſn’t get automatically explored or give me any ſort of error.

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Happened to me also, but in a different situation.
This is where I go through a discovered Wormhole and an undiscovered star system is between it.

Ouch, too late :frowning:

* Added “Appetite Attractor” perishable.
I hope this is not the magnet we’ve talked about. Then, again somebody should be credited if this was it, right?

It seems that it is a food magnet.

Yep, someone should.

Or this has been in IA’s mind since the beginning.

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Also true, but do you remember this?

Well true, the one who came up the idea first should have been awarded. There’s many stuffs that might have been forgotten.

The food magnet has been on the list long before anyone suggested it. Still, if anyone can claim first suggestion on this forum, they’ll receive the medal.

@Traveller: looking into it. Fixed in v.27 :medal_sports:


One complaint about the bomber family: While using the Plasma Rifle, the weapon fires two beams, and if those two beams kill two enemies, it makes Pecking Order bonus where those two enemies were killed unobtainable, regardless of the placement of the chickens and the distance of the beams.

Just came back to home and tried to play with heavy bomber. When we die, cursor comes invisible and then suddenly pop-up when we re-enter screen. I think cursor should be visible even if we died (before last live).


Actually, what I don’t think anyone even thought of… Discord integration!
Now I don’t think this should be big. I feel like what could be nice would be your in-game status. When out of mission, it could say outer space and/or the planet name once you park. When you launch a mission it would say it’s name under your profile (Davoid is now flying Interactive Fuzzball), and also mission time.
I don’t know how hard it is to get this done with Discord and all, but I think it could be a nice side addition later on.
That is if you don’t have to sign away your soul to Discord or something.

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I would also suggest steam integration.

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