Early Access version 68.2

nah that was the one that only shoot lasers

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So the boss that you are talking about is “Space Crab” boss

It’s a bit outside screen without shooting though.

thats how it works

Yes that their wave name is ``Giant Robotic Space Crab"

Wait IA. Will they appear in every mission that has its difficulty appearance written?

Fixed in v.69 :medal_sports: Bug

Known from where? I’m not aware of it.


I thought you knew. Also, why did RainbowBoy get the medal when someone else reported it first?

what the hell the callsign violation this

whoa the few hours then

man reaction soon


That’s…low self-esteem or ironic crap that I do not care much about, not violations. I can just change my name to “Ramon the noob” too (unless aholes commit harassment)

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You can’t change your name to “Ramon the noob” if there is another Ramon in the galaxy though.


Alright you got a point

He was report first than me so he must earn the medal.


iA when using the Countdown Insight then using Invulnerability Extension the timer freezes about half the time then starts to count down, is it intended that it freezes at the beginning?

Idk about other items.

I’m not sure if this was suggested before or not but can there be an insight that tells you which direction enemies would come from at waves like image it’ll be useful at Space Race.

Why UCO 2 always stay at the right when attacking? This happens only at Double Team.

Could League missions difficulties have the semi-transparent dots: image

These are really distracting, can you make them disappear faster:

I noticed that 2 bosses in one stage mostly appears at 2x4 at League missions. I hardly find bosses at 2x5, can you increase the chance a little bit? Example:

Also maybe the chances of 2x4 should be lowered a little bit so they’d be balanced.

I bought 2 insights today but they expired early. Will this be fixed next version already?

I noticed that when Absolver destroys normal Bandana Chicks it makes red effect like if they were Assassins.

How about competitive missions have random different durations:

  1. Daily missions/Weapon Training could be 1x10 or 2x10 or 3x10 waves long.
  2. Weekly Challenge could be from 5x10 to 10x10 or from 7x10 if you think 5x10 is too small.
  3. Space Race could be from 3x6 to 6x6 waves long.
  4. Ironman could be from 3x10 to 6x10 or 7x10.

Wave insight words aren’t clear with snow over it, can you make it brighter or darker or smth:


IA check this post

iA, I didn’t get my daily stipend today :frowning:


Eh Wait For The Update
It Got Fixed

Ah, like daily mission rewards. Will it count for the medal tho?

Because if it won’t you have no idea how many days I have to get back.


already changed to treasure shower, no need to change more


Misery loves company