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What about Slob Chickens? It very danger to dodge if they shoot

This is unnessesary, the slobs is a Good election for the The Yolk-StarTM, Also, do you want to do the yolk-star more easy or what?


So: Sometimes the Slob Chicken shoots out twice in succession. Should we stop it?

Just, No.

No. Getting rid of the Coward for this wave is good enough


This will be a good tweaks and powerful weapons.
Note:on the topic:Known bugs & new features

Meh, I would actually keep the cowards and remove the slobs instead. It would still make the yolk star fight challenging but it wouldn’t be straight up unfair. Let’s be honest here, a slob, especially at close proximity to the player is straight up unfair as it fires 12 projectiles, now sure you’re gonna say something along the lines of “Bruh, use a H&C instead of a BX-9” but here’s the thing, that’s not how good game balancing works, there’s a world of difference between an acceptable disadvantage like the slower speed that the bombers and this RNG punishment.

It should be obvious by now that I hate slobs, they’re either a total non threat or a straight up nightmare. They need a rework, that’s it.


:bulb: “Yolk-Star” boss: Cowards are now prevented from spawning (@Akemisora :medal_sports: Idea)

Any chance they could not be ſtopped at difficulties > 100%?
They were great for keeping the boſs as inſanely hard as told in the legends.

EDIT: Actuälly, given that they ſeem to have diſplaced the miniboſſes on this level, I gueſs they ſhould be removed along with the Toxic chickens.

They just annoyingly standing beside you actually in this case.

Eh, I prefer a coward that can crash into the player like a real terminator

Until you ſhoot them.
Although, I do ſee your point; the terminator eggſhips were definitely harder. Maybe removing the cowards will make them and the chickenauts more common.
I think the toxic chickens ſhould be removed too- they’re juſt too eaſy to kill.

Why do suddenly people become really sadistic and want to buff the yolk star 1st phase? I know when you use utensil and satelite and superpower are ready, it becomes way more easier, but trust me, when you don’t use any of these, and your weapon is straight, it’s a cruel torture.

Btw, I realized that positron stream is the only weapon that can fool the coward. I suspect its wiggling movement makes this. I mean, it’s not a bad thing, it’s a cool feature. :grinning:

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What’s wheel of fortune wave? I saw it in known bugs and fixes and I have no idea what wave it is

probalby a wave from CI4

Variants have their new name… That’s what I know

That’s just the second variant of Chicken Roulette

Already suggested.

How’s it different?

What do you mean?