Early Access version 44

He previously, on v43 topic, shared a pic of hyper gun having slow fire rate for him.

Wait, what does once more mean? Does it mean when I launch the game and it fails, it will start at 100x100 then next time it starts at 960x540 or I understand wrong?

No. It just means that it was fixed while ago by IA, but they returned to 100x100 method to test something.

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Ok thanks for answering :ok_hand:

It is written in troubleshooting, wish IA would pin it, at least while the game is still in Early Access.


It’s included in Known bugs & new features as a link.


I really wanted the topic to be pinned tho. (don’t worry, not a important thing)

But what does DirectInput have to do with starting the game in 100x100 window?
It is literally for input devices (and may I add for extremely old!) and not graphics. This shouldn’t interfere with each other.

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:new: Added “Double Helix” wave

@InterAction_studios you showed the other new waves at what difficulty they will appear on the changelog, so why not show this one as well? if it’s unnecessary, it’s okay, i won’t force you.

I wish I would know… Had that issue 10/10 times with my old DAC but so far had 0 issues with my new one, even with the bTrackJoystick=Yes. The only issue that I’ve had with my old DAC with some other dx9 games was that they also had a delay, but about ~1/40 times.

From now i don’t know what’s the short of the word DAC, but yeah, i solved this prob. many times.

@InterAction_studios, what are Anomaly Zones?

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A DAC is a Digital-to-analog converter which I use for listening to music and audio in general since the quality is way beyond the normal capability of a motherboard and the noise is almost non-existent with a proper DAC. The old one I’ve had issues with was a Fiio E17K Alpen 2 which was decent for its price but wanted something that was capable of more, so I bought a Ifi micro iDSD BL and it is much better than the other one.


Oh great, thanks for the info though.

And I had hope that DAC here doesn’t mean what I thought.

What does audio device have to do with DirectInput which in turn has something to do with fricked up graphics.


I feel like quips are too infrequent, what’s the exact chance of them appearing? I’d like them to have them appear around every 10-15 waves / every 5-7 minutes.

Their appearance is rare and random.

Yeah, but there’s still some kind of a randomness factor / multiplier. But in about 1 hour of playing I’ve just seen 2-3 of them

I think it was already discussed before:

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There is a problem that I have with the Magnetic Manipulator, and it’s the color.

As you can see, its chestplate is made out of asteroids, but since they’re hot asteroids, they should be red/maroon instead of orange/brown. The helmet is not changed in here, which is a bit disappointing since it should match the asteroids.

Here is a simple adjustment, where the chestplate is now red, and the helmet matches its armor. The color is not very accurate, but at least make it closer to the color of the hot asteroids and the helmet should be colored in the same way as the breastplate.