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This actually happens on both variations, easy and hard ones. Also Chickens already come from the bottom left\right at both variations, it’s just now phase 2 of the wave isn’t mirrored, it’s exactly like phase 1. Example:

  • Before: Chickens come from (phase 1: top-left, bottom-right, phase 2: top-right bottom-left).
  • Now: Chickens come from (phase 1: top-left, bottom-right, phase 2: top-left, bottom-right).

This happens to both easy\hard and their mirrored variations.

Salute to the humour IA xd.


Anyway, its either create a Sort button on Squadron section or this:

May i have a medal plz?


Ah, right. Fixed in v.116 :medal_sports: Bug

Added to v.116 :medal_sports: Idea

I don’t think it’s that special. Anyway, at some point we’ll probably need to hold a preference poll and implement the most popular cuisine(s).


Idea: In Multiplayer if someone is typing it should say ___ is typing…
in the chat or above their spacecraft.
Weird suggestions:
1-Can satellites be bought in Aftermarket?
Heroes Academy: You can customize your ship and Hardpoints for a cheaper price (obviously)

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I suggested something similar before:

Medal share, please?


System cuisine? (basically a cuisine made out of what make a system)

@InterAction_studios is this a bug? When I enter the outcome and assign a mission that was flew 1 days ago, then it instantly kick me out :confused: so I recommended not to leave the assign button in Outcome category, else it’ll become annoying

About “The Birdhouse” wave: I don’t like that we have to wait for chickens to come to houses at the bottom to shoot them, that makes the wave boring. We should be able to shoot them while jumping at the top houses too but we can’t because our bullets go offscreen.

What do you think should be done?
  • Lower the 2 top houses at left\right.
  • Make chickens jump low at top houses.
  • More zoom-out to the wave.
  • It’s fine like that.

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Another thing I want to discuss for a long time and I found this variation by accident that fits it perfectly. "Slobs and Phoenix are OP in this wave"

Let’s start with Slobs: They are the most risky enemies at waves were you can’t move much(like “Corridor Shooter”) especially when they are the the beginning of the corridor where you have to turn around and find them in your face. If you met this variation while using Riddler or in Ironman you’re 99% screwed.

Should Slobs be prevented at “Hairpin Turn” wave:
  • Yes, they’re OP.
  • No, they’re fine.

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And now to Phoenix: I literally left that wave with only 1 coolant, they took all other 15 ones in matter of seconds. I tried to dodge but couldn’t do much because they come from everywhere + the screen flashes everytime I get hit.

Should Phoenix be prevented at “Hairpin Turn” wave:
  • Yes.
  • No.

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In the end this could all be a skill issue from me so let’s see what the results have to say

Is it just me or apparently when you collect someone’s firepower charity just after they leave, the firepower atoms still give you points? Because if so, it’s a score exploit and an unfair advantage on the mission leaderboards.

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Since its a multiplayer, i dont see any harm here.

Good point, but what if the player who gives the charity away doesn’t do anything while staying on multiplayer, giving all the points to the other? Besides, the final score would still be displayed on the leaderboards for missions found at planets, suns, etc.


This will eventually be fixed in a later update. Already reported.

2nd one is good, but don’t decor things go in Aftermarket?
Also, add Color Themes to the mix as well.

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so competitive mission can play again even they start new one,this is intended?

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You didn’t see that. All missions are available ironman competitive and galactic cup

Is it necessary to fix?