Early Access version 84

Just in-case: If you equipped Satellites to your spacecraft while flying unprepared, you won’t get the medal.


A simple idea for Ass Beam Absolver Beam:

Add a “Fully Charged” sound effect.


Can the coin rotate like a key?

While we’re at it, can we also have a brief flash indicating Absolver is fully charged?

If that’s too much a fairly thin pulse effect might do?

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Great, more visual noise


To be fair, it could probably be done and not get in the way too much. I think a sound effect would do the job just fine, unless we want to consider the aspect of accessibility.

Fun fact: humans generally react faster to auditory stimuli than to visual stimuli: Reaction times to sound, light and touch - Human Homo sapiens - BNID 110800


Somthing like idea , Idk
Can super nova debries clean the cold parts?(Because they are hot :no_mouth: , I know you all know this but … Why am I doing this?)
Or should we do not have super nova in cold missions

So need to wait for another galaxy reset. As how darkness missions removed in hot planets

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That’s a dare

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My friendly match :wink: hope you had fun with 3 environments :smiling_imp: also I don’t think it’s necessary since this happens only at League.


Yes that was it

Yes :unamused: :grin:

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I thought this would not be possible for fix, but… changed in v.85 :medal_sports: Idea

Why, what other messages are ‘interfering’? Normal time sort will typically place the “top-10” messages at the bottom and “progress” messages before them.

“Important” is more… well… important than notifications.

Seems fine to me. I don’t want to shorten it because it’s a rare wave that appears only on a particular type of mission

Added to v.85 :medal_sports: Idea



Weekly progress message is the only one separated(because of activity messages):

Fair point, could they switch names? Because squadron assignment rewards, dare result, top-10 rewards is more important than new assignment, new contact, etc… imo.

I suggested that because it appears a lot in Droid Raid missions and unlike other long waves you don’t get food in that one which makes it boring. If you won’t shorten it, how about you add multiple Security Droids appear at once? Their amount depend on difficulty(this was suggested by OneWingLunarian before).

Didn’t Absolver had a “fully-charged” effect before and got removed?

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It didn’t. It only had its own sound changed twice.


It’s intended

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The smoke trail already said that they’re hot so no


And you may get confused, if they were same.

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When Pro-gamer mode is enabled, make the target position circle (or as Francis would call it, the “mouse predictor”) visible when the spaceship is destroyed. It just feels kinda weird when you can move the ship while it’s off-screen, at least in my opinion.

I know you said you can’t match the satellites’ position with the spaceship’s visual position (instead of the actual position), but can you please have a try at it?
Very late edit: If I shoot while my spaceship is appearing, it turns out that “position” is not just simply a visual position. Whoops!

Hmm, odd. But I don’t have the time now to look into it, it’s not important enough.