📱 Android (experimental preview)

Can you make a button to set the dragging sensitivity and finger offest to default, it’s annoying when i screw it up by accident and can’t go back unless i uninstall and install the game again?

No. It’s called “full justification”.

True. And yet…

… so perhaps a “reset to defaults” button would be justified.


Firing bug, although this probably has been reported before (both point and drag mode). See from the video I uploaded below:

0:15 Released the primary finger, Absolver is in charging mode as expected
0:25 Bug shows when secondary finger is released, as Absolver is still in charging mode
0:30 It only fires when both fingers are released

This also shows when firing satellites:

i thought it only affect the button placement, nice.

Added in v.127 :medal_sports: Idea


Yo, can i join?




While drag & dropping items (ie. in mission config and ship loadout), the held item gets obscured by my finger. I’d like to suggest offsetting it, maybe even enlarging it up to +50%.

  • I support this
  • I reject this
  • This needs change

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Maybe automatically enlarge it while it is getting held and moved to another place.

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get smaller hands

Is the issue that you forgot what you were dragging, or that you can’t see where to place/drop it?

In either case, I don’t think this is easily fixable.


When I press the button, he pressed him , whatever button I have, wrong that he will react, my suggestion is to activate the button when I lift a finger about him and touch him with me just touch him

yes Google translate

Not clearly, because GG Translate cannot understand what exactly we want to say, they just give correct words and merge them to an “understandable” sentence

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Everything work very good and effective. I really amazed that it can play smoothly on android. Just a tiny problem is about the resolution. So I hope you can identify the resolution in every device so we can play with the full screen, it will bring about the better experience. But now I very very very very love the android version

There is an option to disable letterbox and stretch the screen. If the aspect ratio is different, waves will break completely.


One issue that I noticed that (similar to leaderboards giving advantages to pc players) league dares against pc players would be too hard to win on android, if you’re able to differentiate who’s using a mouse connected to android and who isn’t, maybe give android players a small score boost that scales on how they did on each wave, similar to the achievement that gives you score for not firing satellites for example.

Changed in v.127 :medal_sports: Idea


Are there vibration mode option when you hit enemies and collecting (foods and coins) and so on?

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Very good idea

like…what? Shake effect, or phone’s vibration?

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