Early Access version 35

Not a bug.
And how many time do i have to repeat this?:
Better engines spend less fuel.

Acknowledged. There are several places in which the UI remains ‘stale’ after data has changed. It’s an absolute pain to fix. :man_shrugging:


Squashing more sections (rectangles) in would not look good, because they are pixel-aligned and squashing would blur them together.

We could conceivably add more sections at the end, but given the best heat sink is more than 2x as good as the standard one, it would double the size of the GUI :frowning:

Alternatively, we could halve the number of sections for the standard heat sink, meaning that it would only take up 50% of the space. I don’t like this solution either because for most players the HUD would be half-empty :frowning:


It wouldn’t actually matter though, since not many people care about seeing a bigger bar(rier blocking the view. Besides, the score bonuses would also seem a little off upgrade by upgrade.

Also, how do you manage to fix things as soon as you find them? It’s pretty amazing for a single person!

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@minasam123 Look at the post again and realize it’s meaning, please.

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Well, it comes down to one of two cases:

  1. It’s either something straightforward to fix, has a lot of impact (serious exploit), with a lot of bang for the buck, or simply something that I would enjoy doing. In this case it gets top priority and gets done ASAP.
  2. It’s something very complex, only has a niche audience, conflicts with other features, or I start work on it only to realize that there are a lot of cross cutting concerns. In this case it goes at the end of a long list, and god knows if/when I’ll get around to doing it.

Working alone speeds this process up a whole lot because I don’t need to coordinate with anyone and I’m intimately familiar with 100% of the codebase, but it also comes at the expense of very limited bandwidth (depends on inspiration, mood, illness, etc)


Realized the meaning, it’s not a bug. because:
1- The cost shown is for original engine, not the best.
2- might be a bit hard to change them depending on the engine.
that’s it.

Cost is being changed, only when you re-enter main screen tho. If you check and change the value after every confirmation of spacecraft’s changes, this sounds possible.

I wonder what is it.

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First:It shoot beam rapidly within 0 second fire rate. Like laser beam.

Second:homing the enemies might get killed.

Third:It can spread.

Note: those are concept.

“Added “Absolver Beam” weapon (experimental).”


Where did you find that? xd

He found it in Known bugs & new features.

Ofc I forgot about that topic xd Again.

Well, we will see how this new weapon works out, but I will probably not include it in the WBP.

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What if the update comes out on April 1st and the weapon turns out be Riddler Mk2? That would be brutal. (Don’t you dare IA…)


It isn’t on my ideas collection so it must be IA’s original weapon. Finally new content omg


Yeah. I thought it would be emerald’s idea but with a different name(solar blast), especially considering “Added support for chargeable weapons.”, but emerald wasn’t credited for it, so I wonder what this is supposed to be now

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I think it’s probably gonna be this:

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