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I remember those used to have a +500% multiplier in the past as a placeholder, but was removed because that would be too much. Because they are repetitive missions with only one type of wave and two possible bosses, I think they deserve less keys (less profit) than Chicken Invasion in the same length of time. But only iA knows the average key rate per hour of players for each type of mission and can change base multiplier according to that.

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Today i played Cup Group Match and i finded a bug game. I don’t know how can i explain but it is about the Balloon Chicken when you try to get a Pecking Order score.
So, this is my video about Chicken Vending Machine (please don’t anyone who are reader stoles my video). Watch carefully and you will see the bug game
My video is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sP5VC3uSkqdZqQUyldKTjivGjgQDjzuu/view?usp=drivesdk


Exactly. @InterAction_studios, this is probably related to the balloon zig-zag bugfix as well

No, it’s 0%.

Yes, I have statistics about the key-per-hour yield for each mission type. If a type naturally gives more keys, there’s no need for a multiplier.

Ok, so it turns out there’s no good solution to this. The original problem (of Balloon chickens disappearing) was because their group had exited the screen (so it was deleted) while they were still on-screen. The ‘solution’ to that was to remove them from their group as soon as they are damaged, however that causes problems with Pecking Order (because they are no longer in a group). I could indeed remove the /1\ symbol from the Balloon and place it correctly on the next enemy in the group, however that is not going to solve the problem that the Balloon has left the group (and hence is NOT taken into account for Pecking Order).

Choice time. Which solution is better?

  • A. Balloons always remain in their group after being damaged (this might cause them to disappear prematurely in some waves e.g. Zig-Zag)
  • B. Balloons always leave their group after being damaged (fixes disappearance, but after being damaged they no longer participate in Pecking Order)
  • Select A or B on a wave-by-wave basis (however, this will create an inconsistency in their behaviour, and hence invite more bug reports)
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Will this affect a group of balloon chickens in swimming in space wave and can’t get pecking order bonus?

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I mean that based on the Known bugs & new features, you have set the Anniversary multiplier as +100% in the next update (that one you approved), but there is still the Weekly Challenge and Hybrid which should be +300% (because it’s mostly Chicken Invasion) instead of +100%.

Do we have CI1 and CI2?

CI1 and CI2 dont have that

yeah in wave gladiator HUD pecking order will lost its effect when encountering balloon chicken
evidence Chicken Invaders Universe 2021-09-13 13-25-04.mp4 - Google Drive

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on galactic cup you can’t cancel the mission at the begining?! what is this? it should work like any other missions the possibility to cancel the mission at the first wave…

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Many waves get that bug, not only Gladiator or Chicken Vending Machine ://

I had a look at it appears that this was an oversight, and they can indeed be made cancellable. Changed in v.89 :medal_sports: Idea

Nevertheless, can anyone think of a reason why yo would not want them to be cancellable?


The only reason I have is to replace your starter weapon because the other one could be better at the 1st wave. I still don’t find it necessary for cup missions to be cancellable.

Also why at the green circle it’s a :green_square: while at the red circle it’s a :arrow_up:

Well, the spreadsheet can do that too, it won’t kick you out until wave 2.

Well, in a real life tournament, for example a baseball tournament, you can’t just make time go back and play the first inning again


Fixed in v.89 :medal_sports: Bug


Thanks. Also when I met a boss and rotate from left to right direction, the sun effect rotates with me:

That looks cool so I’m against this.

This was deliberately done in v.9, so no:


Can you add important / useful items in shop be at the top (extra lives, perishables,)
as an option?
new players may be confused where you buy lives
or you have to scroll down / use filter to buy
smth like that idk

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What happens when you flew a squadron assigned mission that is on your to-do list?