Early Access version 53

Are you on a skill higher than Veteran? If so, that’s normal. They disable zones (and anomaly).

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Thats Already Fixed:


Oh, is that why?

I actually remember hearing about that in a previous update, now that you bring it up.

Alright, never mind. False alarm.

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Wave types are now decided based on raw unclamped difficulty (which varies 0%-140%), rather than clamped to 100%. Enemy types are still decided on clamped (up to 100%) + skill (up to 40%).

Change above will help with this.

Change above will only help in certain cases (i.e., only in missions where ending difficulty exceeds 100%).

Changed in v.54 :medal_sports: Idea

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I’ve noticed that cowards now have returned to their old firing direction of oppoſite the head, but don’t ſee it in the changelog. Is this becauſe it was actuälly reverted ſeveral verſions ago and I juſt didn’t notice?


That’s a bug introduced in v.53, which has been fixed in the meantime.


this attack is basically impossible with some weapons (was using corn shotgun)

For this attack, it’s better to just stay within that gap between the feathers instead of repelling them.


Why does “Asteroids: No, Really!” even have a safe zone? Why not a Danger Zone instead?

didn’t see there was a gap lol. thought it was a spinning radial attack


If your problem is only feathers, use Riddler weapon. It throws feathers to the back perfectly, but it’s weak and takes time to defeat the boss.


It also happens with “ricochet”

Because I don’t know where asteroids will enter the screen from, so it’s better to guide the player towards the center (to have more reaction time) than repel him away from the edges by creating 8-9 danger zones.

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Where are the lightning in the backround of electric planets ? Or just there is only those deadly lightning strikes ? And shouldn’t the lightning fryer be more powerfull in this environement ?

I think it’s this.

why? that’ll make it unbalanced

I think the Lightning Fryer color should be red when using overdrive (full power!)


Kid that’s not how electricity works.


Nah, not really.

Then it overheats faster and therefore should be red as evidence of full power!

How is it supposed to work? And why kid?
It’s lightning, not elecrticity.

Maybe light blue just like the deadly strikes .