Early Access version 79

This makes me think of losing firepower increase by duration. Means you start with losing only 2 fp as max then the cap raise up wave by wave and you can lose up to 6fp (only if the mission is long enough though)

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This would still be better than what we have right now, but maybe up to 5 though.

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I always do drawbacks

@InterAction_studios What happened? The game became borderless and.

It used to happen to me too but rare
mabye bc of our pc


Wonder if Yolk-Star has the hero quote

I think of “Now you’ll pay for everything!” except it’s for hero because that’s for avenging the dead heroes…and his keys for the extra lives

Actually, I have some alternatives for you guys to choose
  • When the egg is sus!
  • Now die for the debt you have accumulated.
  • It’s my payday!
  • Eh I’ll stick with the OG
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that egg sus one could infect people due to the influence of amogus, an ultimate, and extremely hard to cure disease, anyway, i think it should be added

Hello there
I’m here to say something about old ideas that have been said many times
Such as :
1.Millennum hatching (Hen solo’s ship)
2.planet missions
3.CI3 waves and robots (UFOs and others)I think you know I’m talking about what robots!
4.Other galaxies in map

5.others I can’t remember…

So ,will they be added?
About “planet missions” I know they’ll add but what about others?
I want a definite and logical answer.(Sorry if I spoke angrily.I didn’t mean to do that :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:)
Thank you so much!

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Make Armored drob food




Or armored drop chicken upon destruction


Suggested something similar in before by Enhawk:

Yes but it was ignored, at least Dawid has brought it back up.


You’re right, but Enhawk should get medal for this too for suggesting in before.

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Yep, but that’s just for rookie and tourist.


That’s why I wrote “something similar”.

And create a promise that I can’t go back on later? No, I can’t do that unless I can solve all technical and economic problems first. Which I am very far from doing.

Also, I’m still not sure if it’s worth it. There are always going to be people who complain, of course, but until now, multiplayer has not been popular enough to warrant supporting it.

Best-case scenario I can see at this point is that developing multiplayer is going to take at last 3 months, during which there will be no other development. So it will definitely not come for ‘free’.

Which text do you mean? The wave title? I can’t skip that.

By that logic I wouldn’t be able to use any color except white, since all colors are already being used by player weapons.

There’s nothing special about the 1st wave – it’s the same as any other. I did a quick test and I got the medal even on the 1st wave.

Because difficulties are rounded. The real difficulty might be e.g. 99.5%-99.9%

The formula by which you lose firepower is not simply “-5”. But I’ll ramp it up according to wave difficulty as follows:

  • You lose 1 level for each 20% wave difficulty (0-20% loses 1, 20%-40% loses 2 etc)
  • You never lose more than half your firepower. So from e.g. 6 you can never drop below 3, regardless of wave difficulty. Now it’s rounded UP, which causes a smoother progression (e.g. from 3->2->1 instead of 3->1)
  • In Boss waves, you never drop below 2.

Changed in v.80 :medal_sports: Idea

I don’t know, but it’s been reported before.


Ok no problem, IA. Use white. Sense it will be useful.


Just in case you forgot to look at it

I mean it’s only Double Team title so you don’t need to show that every wave