Early Access version 114

I see…

Some quotes when you get overheated by the outside sources (i.e phoenix, beaker, etc)

  • Ow, ow, ow! Too hot, too hot!
  • The cold shower is to the right, not the left!
  • Agh, my Air Conditioner is not doing its job!
  • Ahh! My controls are cooked!
  • Release the coolants- what, out of coolants?!

So… you can change pack popcorn?


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more quotes: Noooooooooo! I overheated.

Looks like i have to wait.

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Here is a dumb idea:

Make the lean Klaus chicken appear more often on massive missions (unless if it’s already)

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Exclusion Zone too?

I’m not sure if it should. The indestrucibles barriers only come in from and move left / right. But the chickens can appear suddenly at all edges.

If you move super fast whilst trying to get a gift to dont get it. You go THROUGH it. Is this a bug?

Changed in v.115 :medal_sports: Idea

Changed in v.115 :medal_sports: Idea

For better performance, gifts/atoms/food use a simpler collision detection than enemy projectiles, so you need to actually touch it to collect it


I made a post about making Retro waves into “elite” difficulty.

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Also I’m surprised there’s no “Winner winner chicken dinner” Hero quip.

I don’t know if it’s intentional or a bug, but all of the “Pecking Order” bonuses in The Magic Flute are given at the end of the wave all at once instead of one by one after every line cleared, which makes it kinda distracting.

Also, small idea for new steam achievement just in case you guys decide to add steam achievements (If no achievements are planned to add, disregard this): in the Shoot the Core boss, clear all shields without hitting the Core once. Name could be something like “Hey Apple!” as a tribute to the annoying orange.

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muller m408 cuisiner

maybe can add feature more foods of high percent

So I should the poll of add more foods.

what do you think?

  • Yes
  • No

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yes but… if there’s more than one attack together became annoying …it does’t let you move for real :smiling_face_with_tear: I mean when there’s multiple chicks!

and there’s nothing you can do? something to track them! to know about how many mission they are?

and if you move those “icons” there? you will have enough space?..
I found very “unconventional” to know the “special power” of a spacecraft you need to go on the shop!.. it need to be there where you select the spacecraft!..another option make somethink like the medals area when you click the spacecraft you’ll see the specifications

and I wanna make some question about the CHL!..chicken hunter license…
Are the benefits enough?..
Firstable it’s not all about the benefits because the main reason that I by the CHL is to show appreciation for all this hard work to all this years!!..but let see!
Benefits: all equipment,higher limits, and vip Icon…and one hell o freaking hardcore mission :grinning: is this enough?..might! but I propose somethink exclusive for the CHL owners somethink that will makes me happy an maybe I will not be the only one…an daily gift witch will work just like daily stipend you will recive when you’ll be online!..and the gift will contain …keys, all the consuming stuff gas, lives,special weapons,coolant caninster and other stuffs and that gift could be “empty” as well…with a message thank you for buying the CHL!!!

Maybe make sure add servers of continents because ms/ping is all different of country’s connections

Or try something about Net port-Restricted :man_shrugging:

Already Suggested.

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@InterAction_studios Is it possible to make waves: “Asteroids! No, really” has 4 danger zones (one on each side of the screen)?

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Safe zone is already enough.

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No need for medal (since I suggested this wave), but can Asteroid Vortex be added on Meteor Storm missions? I think that would take advantage of the grazing mechanic.


I think asteroids, asteroid vortex and asteroid (no, really) can alternatively appear in meteor storm missions to prevent repetition.

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