CIU version 142 BETA

So still wait i dont think i can write it now but ill

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I’m bringing this back to potentially remind iA.

I did the same here.

I tested wave 5 again for three times in a row as of writing this comment, and I still get microguns. As opposed to CI4, there’s no such unlockable as “Satellite Rush” in CI5 as all satellites are already available there from the very first wave. So, why is it that more satellites are unlocked as I make progress in the game?

Is it bug? (

I couldn’t reproduce this one. It must be rare.

known bug and fixed in the next update

I wonder that why Mother hen-ship don’t have its own “CI2 Villain music” track? :thinking:

You can argue that the music sting it plays whenever it appears makes it more unique.

“Blast from the Past” is already distinct enough.

Changed in v.142 :medal_sports: Idea

I think this was intentional, but… eh. Fixed in v.142 :medal_sports: Bug


can you added instead subtitle in “Blast from the Past” already of CI3U what about CIU there is no subtitle? or else in CI3U wave 20 it’s mother-hen ship subtitle renamed.

Changed in v.142 :medal_sports: Idea


Come to think of it, since the CI4 Mother-Hen Ship will be renamed as Mk III, why not giving the same treatment to the Robotic Space Crab v.2.0 from CI5? After all, most of us love ‘‘Mk’’. And, you know, Robotic Space Crab Mk II might look good enough in the game.

Should that change be made?

  • Yes!
  • No!
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rename uco 4 to uco mk IV

Eh, I’d rather consider the UCO’s from CI3 as the same mark (mk) with 4 different weapon sets.

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Fair enough, and with the sub title suggestion below, that’ll make it stand out.


In CI5U chapter 4, spacecraft has show wingstreak while traveling underwater. Need to hide wingstreak when diving underwater.


BETA server will be off-line for the next hour.


Fixed in v.142.2 :medal_sports: Bug



BETA v.142.2 is now available.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:


interesting (edited to vid for more detail)