CIU version 137

Changed in v.138 :medal_sports: Idea

(They still break into a yolk+eggwhite, however – that is not easy to change)


@InterAction_studios In “Surfing the Wave” level, The danger zone is displayed only once, on the side where chickens attack for the first time. While the danger zone should appear 4 times (twice on the right and twice on the left.)

So I was looking at some of my old ideas and I decided to put some of them here that are kind of easy to add to the game (as IA is now days more available checking the forum)

Be sure to check them IA, and I remember you told me these things

Make Master Squawker and Crazy Squawker no longer drop powerups when defeated (except 120th anniversary)
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(my idea) can you make show em whos the boss in Christmas edition into christmas deers? that would be amazing!
and i mean add that skin for them so it can make more christmas vibes into them instead of normal.

Big Chickens are already themed in the next update


I’ll try to summarize the problem:
Sketchy Interstellar highway is possible when the following requirements are met:

  • The destination star system must be the next to be discovered in at least one path.
  • The route to the destination decided by the game must have one undiscovered star system belonging to the same constellation as the destination.

christmas deers would have been a better choice than hats

another idea, can you add superchick mummy skin for halloween edition?
and twice infinity (devil and angel skins) for halloween edition as well.
chef can have blood all around him like a killer yk and throws chicken parts that has blood
as for crab, he can be like an abandoned robot with dirt all around and his head is a bit broken.

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@InterAction_studios Well, i completely noticed about while berserk gingerbread enemies from christmas seasonal that it doesn’t had sound effects (that still sounds like normally small enemies) after taking damage for 2 hits in an row but eventually how about add these sound effects like that literally did with cluck of the dark side christmas edition’s ones on it?
(as long if you could to separate normal chicks and berserk gingerbread types though this seasonal to handle pretty well with these sound effects probably)

I caught this bug by accident because that heavy gun appear at the corner, where i can’t kill it at time
Anyway, you can see that the Chick Laser Gun was disappeared immediately when it isn’t out of screen completely (i stopped the game after that in my video here)

I don’t think this is bug. It disappears quickly you kill it in time, you have to suffer. Just like wave: “Henpire Ambush”, “Treasure Shower”, “Meteor Storm”, “Asteroid Flurry”,…

This bug is about terms of visuals displayed in the game, check my video again.

You can’t do this. No blood stains can be added to the apron underneath. Because that texture I think is the same as that of Super-Chick, Infini-Chick and Henperor’s Apprentice (cape). The Iron Chef’s apron is hard shell, not fabric. Apron rotates very slowly like a robot.

Are you talking about Chick Laser Gun’s beam warning texture?

As for the “Twice Infinity” wave, it’s not possible to make each Infini-Chick boss wear a different halloween costume.

Look at 0:09 to 0:12 carefully.
It’s about how that laser gun disappear
For this

Most likely, you needed to shoot these enemies quickly behind the spot (the feathers also counts, tho) otherwise it’s gonna to escape much worse on it. keep in mind it’s not an bug from this part of this mission depending of the highest diffculties/ or damage at least.

or the sprites it literally disappeared, weird?

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It would have turned out cool if that “cape” thing wasn’t a problem but there are other ways to make it so I don’t believe that it will be a problem.

So that can happen hopefully?