CIU version 138

Supreme Admiral 20+ Rank its a entire bottom in compare screen doesn’t fit.

I were just asking because i was have a squadron so i bought another one i thought i can add mission to every squadron to get doubled keys but it only worked on second and not worked on first. So i wanted to delete the second but it said “You can’t sell this equipment”.

Also i have noticed that chl prices are different on pc and mobile:
Mobile:I’m an egyptian so ,my currency is the pound so the chl price is 240 egp.
PC:I’m still egyptian but it says €3.99 euro.
Why its different between pc and mobile?

Watch your steps.
This isnt post your quest rank.

It’s probably color gradient that’s tricking you

It was noticed by @2sN
No need to say it again.

How about the other barrier(the one that shoots bullet)?

Might be the same I guess

The only thing I can do is interpolate the color in gamma-corrected space:


Changed in v.139 :medal_sports: Idea

You’ve reached Supreme Admiral 20+ Rank?

I can only charge in Euros on PayPal.

Changed in v.139 :medal_sports: Idea


So mobile acess egyptians pounds on google play?

it’s a Lacee Callsign From SA 18+ Target reached from SA 20+ Compare Screen not my mine.
look into this from picture

how can specified Supreme Admiral’s Numbers or Maybe When Rank Up and doesn’t reached bottom on your screen or max from SA 18 i think Supreme Admiral Plus Endless numbers doesn’t count entire compare screen.

Another problem: The distance between Overdrive’s arrows is not equal - 3 pixels between the 1st and 2nd and 2 pixels between the 2nd and 3rd

Even switching to the default color, it still happen:

Egg = Egg Barrier
Sphere = Bomb barrier from ‘Dyson Spheres’ wave
Apple Core = Barrier Level 4 from ‘Shoot the core’ boss

Question: So how about Ball Barrier? (this one comes from some waves like ‘Lunar Phase’ wave)

Ye i knew those name correctly from Wiki

@InterAction_studios look into this.(The Gatling/Laser) in Christmas Seasonal

yeah, umm…

  1. @InterAction_studios
    CIU version 138 - #38 by OrvilleTheOrca
    Why is there the word “Flying” in Multiplayer mode?

  2. Coward Chicken in Halloween Edition damage & death sound same Regular Chicken’s sound in CI3 Easter. Can make into bat sound?

clean sweep bonus in bossa nova boss?

planet missions have different color (feather fields are cyan instead of green)

Should be remove “Clean Sweep” bonus in Bossa Nova.

No. Double Team’s GUI color in v138 is green not dark yellow color.

In order to introduce a new color for Episode missions, iA has to recolor some other missions types.

oh so that’s why it was different

Is it possible to have zoom in/out buttons during warp trips?
Zooming without losing ship focus is impossible on mobile, but possible on pc thanks to the mouse wheel.

I’m playing in v139 beta to avoid fuel waste :clown_face: