Early Access version 82.2

That gap is intended so that bubbles don’t prevent you from shooting the droid.

Fixed in v.83 :medal_sports: Bug

I’m getting tired of this “it’s always over, unless it’s under, unless it’s not” kind of thing. Changed in v.83 :medal_sports: Idea

Both scores were 0 on their last dare, so points were exactly zero.

I’m not happy with the way that boss looks. I started out trying to make it look like Doh (https://www.google.com/search?q=arkanoid+doh&tbm=isch), but I couldn’t make it work at such low resolution. It’s best to keep it hidden as much as possible until I can come up with something better :wink:

No. It was obvious that this was going to happen, and 100% the fault of the player for not waiting for the correct moment to make the kill.


Oh iA, you might wanna add the chicken “wave” too.

Also, do you have excel sheets for the CI2rm/CI3 translations?

Edit: can you also remind me of the % a Weekly stage (except 1 and 10) has to have some non-chicken invasion stage?

Hello there
What is “I’ll be back” wave?

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It’s a new retro boss


I have two things to say:

IA can you add a “collision danger” alarm for missions such as feather fields?
(sound and danger logo)
The hiding is not working on other items!
(Working item)

Do you want first one?
  • Yes I want it!
  • No need it

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This was already changed for the next version

Like a perishable? Well, its not that worth, besides, the player should be like more focused on his spacecraft than on the enemies.

iA, out of curiosity, do you know how many ships of each type have been purchased, in total, since the start of Early Access?


Not convincing enough!

“Not convincing enough” isn’t a convincing counter-argument either

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Umm , yes :sweat_smile:

“16 óra múlva lejár”. I’ve translated DATE_FUTURE_POST to ‘múlva’, which means ‘in [16 hours]’.


Can we have a easier version of tangled mess named “angled mess”? [Like yin and yang, yang and yin]


I know, but that gap became bigger this version. It was smaller before(also there isn’t any gaps at Droid Encirclement).

Well it kinda looks like it but ok as you said(btw some peices at it aren’t destroyable eventhough they’re in 1st layer: Screenshot_image_YouTube).

And why there is a ! at the end of Mars Attack wave and not at the end of Saucer Attack wave?

About the barriers at “Tribute” wave: I wanted its barriers to be indestructible because egg barriers at it have very long health and it would take lots of time to destroy it, and since waves like “Lethal Connection” that used to have a long health egg barriers became indestructible I wanted “Tribute” to have the same thing but it’s my fault for assuming it only got egg barriers. So I got another 2 solutions:

  1. Make only egg barriers indestructible at “Tribute” wave.
  2. Give all barriers at “Tribute” wave a normal health like GgWw1175 said.

Could you bring it back? It was easier to spot the fruits and dodge them.

I invited ngoinhado to my squadron and the message came twice as I expected(thankfully this time I had a screenshot):

About “Equipment perks” at final result screen: If it depends on H&C’s key percent and not equipment then it should be edited:

I suggest the words above red line should be removed and “Equipment perks” be named to “Spacecraft perk”.

If I flew a boss rush, why is it high:

Why Pro-gamer doesn’t work with power-ups+retro peice:

See this:

If the wave above had Armors when used Veteran skill. If used SSH skill will Armors change in the wave(because it’s a higher-tier)?

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I think it’s not destroyable because of this piece: image

Maybe it’s because the mars attacks wave is harder

I think “pointless” enemies and chickens from multiplicity and exponentiality count

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“Mars Attacks!” is a reference to a movie whose title ends with an exclamation, “Saucer Attacks” is not, so it just uses the same formatting as most other waves. Maybe that’s the reason.

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balloon chickens should be disabled in omnidirectional onslaught

these are hard to kill and sometimes they might block your path if its not killed or partially killed

Should “The Magic Flute” wave be deleted entirely?
  • Yes
  • No
  • It should be sped up

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It should be shortened, not sped up. It’s already quite fast.


Exactly, but most of all, it mustn’t be removed