CIU version 146 BETA

The corn shotgun weapon gets hot when fired and turns into ice cream

Can the yolk star’s shell have a shape like a giant coconut or watermelon because it look so normal

same thing as same laser beam thanksgiving colors but this summer.

ok, spot the similarities of the colors.

(wonder why the Christmas Edition is above the others in the list, although it begins in December.)

Btw, idk if this is a bug or not but in the android edition when the corn shotgun gets hot it doesn’t turn into an ice cream

this is the reason


Thanks for telling me ^ ^

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uh… these names are arranged by their first letter (C - E - H - S - T).
Unless iA accept to arrange the list of the season content by dating, not first letter of the name.

uh… the “summer” is above the “halloween”


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Ah, then they still be arranged by the date but… you know, CIU game was released in middle December 2018, which means that…


In glant robotic space crab chicks are missing their eyeglasses

cre this pls: Zlaggamer5690

I already reported this.

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Should be Dark blue instead at this summer. Dark blue and Orange updated?

That looks fine to me. Changing the laser to dark blue means you have to find a suitable theme for the superchicken itself. So, keep it as it is.

sorry, but no.

Yeah that makes a lot of sense

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c’mon man they same attack color as Laser Cannon. i wanna to Change color now?

It means what now?

Does the high-contrast text look legible to you, or should it be changed to black?

  • Looks readable, keep it as is
  • Change it to black
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This has already been fixed. Make sure you’re not still on some old version of the BETA.

They are arranged in calendar order, starting with Christmas.