CIU version 138 BETA

hey look the game will very likely only have m404 playable and its hitbox is small enough to maneuver comfortably
quitting ci due to such changes, i call it skill issue

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Relax dude.

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Thanks… :saluting_face:

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Not worth it.

Changed in v.138.5 :medal_sports: Idea



Rebooting BETA server.

I’ll also take the opportunity to apply these “advance preview” changes from v138.5 (these changes are server-side, so they will apply no matter which client version you’re running):


would you also do the same thing for wave 27 (Four-Lane merge)?

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does this also make it so Absolver only starts spawning in chapter 9?
just wondering

iA usually makes changes according to the most voted option I think.

doesnt hurt to check

absolver’s suggested to be late game for a reason after all

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Well, this turns out to be… not quite good.
Chicks in wave 1 get one-shot with fp0 hypergun in SSH with only health multiplier.
I’m thinking about re-applying difficulty health boost, but to a less extent:

  • Seasoned: +4% difficulty
  • Veteran: +8% difficulty
  • Virtuoso: +12% difficulty
  • SSH: +16% difficulty

Note: I’m changing the value on the go, while testing CI5U in SSH.

I have attempted to use weapon data on the beta server, and I got a weird unnamed white gift. When I collected Is Moron Railgun
This is a pretty serious occurrence, I believe, because this is the only run I can acquire.
Here’s another one I got from wave 120


Bro managed to make Moron spawn, bravo :clap::clap::clap:


Ok, the Moron thing is now an extreme case.

Just in case :grinning:

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I was hoping it wouldn’t get rid of the speed boost for bosses but it did. Is there a way to apply it without affecting health?


wait how did you take that screenshot without the water filter


I’m proposing a return for that, but to a less extent.

look promising

Wrong gift color of Moron Railgun. But where is Boron Railgun?