CIU version 138 BETA

okay we need to shrink some boulders now

okay this is getting more harder than i thought

Nice, got another “other side closed connection” while watching Henterprise explode the 6th time. After all, why not replay Hend game multiple times :clown_face:
The whole “funny” progress in that attempt is gone, but when I start a new one I get no satellites with fp0 hypergun.

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ok quick poll due to that

  • Resize
  • Revert
  • Keep
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Ok, Henterprise is dying too fast. (fp7 on a bx is equivalent to fp8)


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UFO Chick’s bullet will disappear if touch terrain or boulders.

Disable all hardpoints in cutscene version of flagship when

But isn’t the collision area too big that they do disappear in plain sight?
“big fat terrain hitbox”

only for laser scope and ghost trail

Just use the flagship in the galaxy map.

Yeah, that makes more sense.

@InterAction_studios You said you didn’t give any advice, but I showed above that you didn’t.

IIRC someone else suggested this, too. Well, there’s not much difficulty variation due to skill, but I’m considering it.

Server issue. Fixed.

Will do.

I’ll remove the collision from the top rocks. Changed in v.138.4 :medal: Idea

This is expected if you skip waves.

Fixed Improved in v.138.4 :medal_sports: Idea

Bug from 2006. Programming is fun :roll_eyes:

Fixed in v.138.4 :medal_sports: Bug

This might be fixed by the preceding bug. Test it again in v.138.4

In any case, skipping waves is a debug feature, and it’s not 100% stable.

I mean that CI5 hints/tips have not been added to CIU yet . They will be added in the future.


Just to clarify, S05 will not have bombers? If so, I don’t think the rocks change is necessary. It can’t be that hard to manoeuvre between them on a Müller.

It won’t.

True, but there’s also players using keyboard, which is not very precise.


Changed in v.138.4 :medal_sports: Idea


It kinda is, especially with that Shift slow movement that was added in CIU which I suspect to be ported too.

By the way, is it normal that the terrain edge is so shaky? It’s very visible at Gamma Chthon.

We still need to include situation when S05 come back to CIU as DLCs.

Also, @InterAction_studios, can you please share my medal to @OrvilleTheOrca? He also have the same opinion with me, but his explaination seems more reasonable.

Only for you I’ll do this on a regular bx-9 if I have one when I get back home.

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