CIU version 139 BETA

Episode remakes in CIU will eventually become DLC.
For the time being, why limit them to those who are docking at Hero’s Academy?

The SFX when “Special Forces” boss is being hit sounds really bad in Halloween theme. Can you fix it?

Look at this “Chicken Multiplicity” wave:

Super-Chick is dead and immediately end the wave, what?

It was reported and on the way of fixing.

Hmm, it’s probably gonna look weird but: what if the background moves in wave 30 during the mother henship part?
So it sort of imitates the fact it has been shot by the Egg Cannon.

(Unless I’m blind and this actually happens)

Make Alchemist Chicken wear Easter Bonnet in Easter seasonal.

On CIU, Chicks are thrown one at a time, while on CI4 all 4 Chicks are thrown together.

Yes, that’s the thing i don’t understand that why iA did that difference between 2 ways of attacking.

I think that’s a minor tweak to the boss because it’s just easier to dodge 4 chicks being thrown at once than one in a time.

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All starfields should be custom for halloween instead of a green filter over it. Each with its own color palette.

Added in v.139.4 :medal_sports: Idea

It’s delayed so that it doesn’t overlap with the sound of the explosion, which completely drowns it out.

Added in v.139.4 :medal_sports: Idea

I only see some minor timing differences. In CIU there have been two changes that can cause this: (a) the algorithm for when exactly to launch chicks from the arm has changed and (b) the speed of the chicks now depends on difficulty (it was always constant in the original). Both these changes have been retrofitted to CI4U.

Not really. I’d have to replace all the sounds, and there’s really no good “scarecrow” sound.

To preserve the illusion of the egg being shot out of the cannon, the starfield would need to move from left to right (you’ve be fighting in reverse). Too weird.

They’re not thrown together. It just appears that way sometimes due to the limited space (some launches take place outside the screen) and the old launching algorithm


Ok, so this is indeed a bug. Fixed in v.139.4 :medal_sports: Bug


Fair, I guess.

Changed in v.139.4 :medal_sports: Idea



BETA server is off-line


So when will we see those barriers texture from CI4 Original again?

isn’t that answer addresed?
don’t have to be specific

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Idk, just… i wait for it so long.
I thought that they forgot that.

Just a little curious about this: Why those CI4 Barriers can’t become the indestructible barrier? Is there something make you hardly when you try to back-port that?

Hmmm… How about making barriers next to the Chickens in The Weakest Link destructible only?
I only talk about The Weakest Link, not The Strongest Link.
From my opinion it’s not bad to make the early games more lenient for newcomers.