Early Access version 109

What,there only little key to spend it,if everything are free the game will bored now

Exactly. Economy logic.

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resuggesting the frozen environment change to somewhat circumvent the frozen environment nerf
if not, remove the lucrative boost for frozen

Also, Electric Environments and Massive Environments should have their Lucrative Boosts swapped.

The former is much more dangerous than the latter.


They also mentioned that it’s not known which chicken will drop them until you kill it, unlike CI3.


that your internet problem

IA, what is this ?

probably a purple positron from “First symphony in CIU”


Sometimes when I’m in another player’s multiplayer lobby and I start using Accumulator charge it reverts back to regular fire after one second of “overdrive mode” even though I still had plenty of charge left. This is probably just another ping-related issue (it still occurs even in <60 ping lobbies) and I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

the thing is it can be used to dodge harder projectiles, so when they finish the player can take the chance to send some good damage to it.

Well then, Add what you find suitable to add.

also can you check this?

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I agree with the opinion about this wave. You have virtually no room to maneuver from the cannons that fire at you from the edges. What if you’re on BX?

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Those green bullets can be easily dodged due to how small they are, if you are too afraid to being hit by them then don’t get too close to the boss.

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Tell me how to go to that blind spot without actually getting too close to the boss?

How is it even a blind spot when the Egg City could just move upwards or downwards?

The Screen is Enlarged. Which means the your spaceship will appear as small as a water drop and doesn’t appear to be closer to the thing.

Egg City moving upwards And Downwards means nothing. it is a blind spot because it cannot fire red lasers or chick groups towards it. and the player can use it to stay safe which is basically a thing that it is not intended to exist.

You’re saying it as if the boss have no collision box and won’t kill you by being slammed. Gotta suggest that the 2nd phase of Yolk Star to be adjusted cause it doesn’t fire anything either.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you can stay safe there if you don’t make any progress on damaging the boss. This can also apply to many other waves out there.

Does that blind spot make me clear the boss faster for Space Race? No


And? When the boss go downwards we can go upwards, same thing with the upwards one
and do not compare Yolk Star Patterns to this, the boss already shows we does he have in his first phase.

Who said that? When red laser fires the player now emerges from the blind spot and damages the boss. that simple.

yeah sure

iA himself

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I said if he goes, not if he is about to go.

Again, if the red lasers fires, then it’s a chance to show yourself and damage, i am not gonna mention this again.

If you move away yourself from the blind spot just to damage the boss, then it defeats the purpose of the blind spot itself. Idk how you could even afford to avoid the power-ups/gifts provided by the chicks.

How about show a gameplay footage proving it? From your screenshots, you’re not even inside it.

Dodging the damn red lasers and chick groups, learn to read, please.

Most players likes to keep the weapon they choose to fight bosses, and we don’t need power-ups if the weapon is at maximum.

Do not think that videos solve everything, you do not think deeply of this. And just because I am not inside them then that doesn’t mean they aren’t blind spots. And I just have discovered that.

If you really want a video of it then why not if that’s really solves…

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your “game breaking blind spot” is move to the other open gap while the path between them is blocked by chicks and lasers, and if you sit there you would just kill the boss alot longer, and also the fact that BX is slow and the massive environment exist

this will be my only reply to this because this is honestly ridiculous