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So there is a possibility that assassin chicks will appear in lower difficulties because of that among us wave

Even just one assassin chick in lower diffs

No it isn’t enough. Let’s go FULL OUT. When the Among Us wave comes in, all music stops, except for Astronomia which plays bass boosted to the max. And then when you shoot the impostor chicken, the among us kill sound effect plays at 500 volume, and then four coffin dance boss chickens appear and then Astronomia gets even louder, and then big chungus comes in and


Im gonna stop you right there


After these new waves we should have new bosses soon.
I think bosses are the main thing of game.


Tribute is back


It came back as a tribute to ci5


so the time has passed but some thinks has remain the same :slightly_smiling_face: I’m talking about the so called NPC and I mean the droids and shady dealer’s…
question number one ?! when you find one of those I think that you should recive some keys somethink like exploring a planet.!
and about the droids what about mission complete filter!..

.when you “raid a droid” you complete some missions or not ? I think that it should be counted like mission completed and I mean the small circle 2/2 :stuck_out_tongue: any official opinion @InterAction_studios it’s hard to do? planed? it doesn’t make sense?

So… this means that Saucers are from Mars? Good to know.

:new: Added alien saucer enemy variation (props to whoever discovers the reference).

Metal Slug 3 reference?

A small suggestion: Why not making alien saucers watch the player? I meant a simple eye rotation. (No medal needed)

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Will we finally have eggships and missile?

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Unlikely but I hope so


But the 2nd time it came as if it’s a new message, like it showed as a notification and even got the image on its top-right.

And since some players in CLC topic are daring in time record why not make it real? Like some League missions would be based on time record instead of points. It applies to all mission types and will have 25% chance of appearing on the list, example:

A one-time message tutorial will appear the first time you select a time record mission type, if someone dared you a time record mission and you wanna know the difference between it and a normal mission type, add this icon next to mission type\name:

Also Space Race rules should apply to it(example: specials weapons= +30 secs, mass condenser and speedy recovery are disabled, etc…).

What do you think:
  • I support it.
  • I support it but only for chicken invasion missions.
  • I don’t like it.
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:bug: Removed “Clean sweep” from “Retro Invaders” wave

Suggested in before by Daxxxis.

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:new: Added “I’ll be back” boss

Could this possibly be a reference to Terminator? :eyes:


Wait which boss is it based on

Most likely

  • :new: Added “Ribbit!” wave.



I don’t understand this one:

I used jets, attractors, etc… but it’s still empty, what’s it do?

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